Magical Tournament Extra Edition: Story Maker – Is there actually a wall?

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Extra Edition: Story Maker – Is there actually a wall?

First Meeting.

“What are you doing?” Asked Izaak to Engel as he was in the usual dim-lighted room and was writing in a paper sheet.

“Applying to a club. I’m filling the form.” Replied Engel.

“Club? Which one?” Pondered Izaak; Lene and Isold were in the cooking club, Krestin in the track and field club and he was in the archery club. Engel was the only one who didn’t belong to a club.
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Magical Tournament Volume Six Epilogue: Abfangen (Interception) – There’s more than two faces in a coin

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Epilogue: Abfangen (Interception) – There’s more than two faces in a coin

Teil Ein.


Voiced Frederica while looking for traces of [Mind] in the surroundings.

“Anything wrong?” Asked Ártemize whose [Mind Perception] was shorter than Frederica’s.

“I fell a slight trace of [Mind] from the north… That’s the direction of the city right?” Asked Frederica. Continue reading

Magical Tournament Volume Six Chapter Ten: Ankunft (Arrival) – Doppelgangers are not always fun

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Chapter Ten: Ankunft (Arrival) – Doppelgangers are not always fun

Teil Ein


“Lene? What’s wrong?” Asked Krestin as they supervised the fight between [Nidhogg] and Ange. At this moment, Ange’s companions were out of the disturbance’s range and were able to trap the enemy’s pair.

“No… Nothing. It’s like I suddenlly felt a chill.” Replied Lene with a complicated expression. Krestin knew by that, that Lene was not hiding anything and she focused back on the fight.

(He already… He may be trying to do something else if he’s not here…)

She thought while following Krestin’s actions.

It was hard for her to hide things from Krestin, but somehow she wanted to be the only one to know it.

To know that Engel had already arrived. Continue reading

Magical Tournament Volume Six Chapter Nine: Verbindung (Contact) – Isn’t this the 63rd rule?

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Chapter Nine: Verbindung (Contact) – Isn’t this the 63rd rule?ç

Teil Ein.


Shouted an angry voice inside a pure-white closed room.

“What do you want Schwartz?”

Suddenly a person appeared out of thin air as if it was natural and talked to the one who raised the ominous scream.

This person, Tsukiyomi, wore traditional Japanese clothing and stood indiferently in front of Schwartz-

A guy who was slowly standing up from the only bed that was placed in the white room. He had long black hair and eyes with black bags under them. Continue reading

[Not a Chapter] Status Update -Put the cart ahead of the horse

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As I was writing [Elementals] a while ago, I consulted some things with an anonymous person somewhere and the result-

I found out my priorities were backwards.

Thus I steeled myself and decided this-

First of all- There won’t be more projects besides the three main for a long time. I’ve got my hands full with these three to even take a fourth one.

Hybrid will have weekly releases but it won’t be my main focus point.

Elementals will have random releases in where I’ll fix some things from the previous chapters and the quality will rise for the upcoming ones.

Still, the earliest release will be within 1 week.

Thus my full conentration will be for Magical Tournament-

I’ll work hard to make dialy releases and make it a better fiction. I’ll give you so much emotion and frustration than I ever had.

Sorry for the delay of… Everything and this year I’ll make it so you’ll love my fiction as-is.

-As for the side fictions of Chronicles and Experience, don’t expect them so soon as my focus will be Magical.


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