[Not a Chapter] Status Update -Put the cart ahead of the horse

Hello dear readers, this is Aleksander Alcalá giving you some serious thoughts for once in a while.

Do not fret- I won’t stop blogging if it’s what ya feared for a while.

RL has been hard and unpredictable and all, so my writing has become almost nill.

As I was writing [Elementals] a while ago, I consulted some things with an anonymous person somewhere and the result-

I found out my priorities were backwards.

Thus I steeled myself and decided this-

First of all- There won’t be more projects besides the three main for a long time. I’ve got my hands full with these three to even take a fourth one.

Hybrid will have weekly releases but it won’t be my main focus point.

Elementals will have random releases in where I’ll fix some things from the previous chapters and the quality will rise for the upcoming ones.

Still, the earliest release will be within 1 week.

Thus my full conentration will be for Magical Tournament-

I’ll work hard to make dialy releases and make it a better fiction. I’ll give you so much emotion and frustration than I ever had.

Sorry for the delay of… Everything and this year I’ll make it so you’ll love my fiction as-is.

-As for the side fictions of Chronicles and Experience, don’t expect them so soon as my focus will be Magical.


This black sheep says hello and bye and you should expect some Magical tonight!!

The chapters’ page will be updated and instead of the Next/Previous chapter button, which I cannot install due to fuck u coding language, I’ll make so the chapter opens in a different page (which is easy-peasy)

Thanks for staying with me this time and hope you stick with me a whole year now.

This black sheep wishes you a late-happy new year!



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