Magical Tournament Volume Six Chapter Nine: Verbindung (Contact) – Isn’t this the 63rd rule?

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Chapter Nine: Verbindung (Contact) – Isn’t this the 63rd rule?ç

Teil Ein.


Shouted an angry voice inside a pure-white closed room.

“What do you want Schwartz?”

Suddenly a person appeared out of thin air as if it was natural and talked to the one who raised the ominous scream.

This person, Tsukiyomi, wore traditional Japanese clothing and stood indiferently in front of Schwartz-

A guy who was slowly standing up from the only bed that was placed in the white room. He had long black hair and eyes with black bags under them.
If his complexion was better, he would be regarded as a handsome guy.

“How the fuck I am here?!” Asked Schwartz with an annoyed tone while moving his body to be assured that no one had taken or added anything as he was unconscious.

“What’s the last thing you remember?” Asked Tsukiyomi as he could care less of what the young man felt.

“I was going to destroy another one of the annoying copies and then after we received your call and Le- Blau was injuired, everything started to shake and go around until my consciousness went out.”

Said the guy who now was giving some hops and stretching.

“I see. So what you want to know is what happened after?” Added Tsukiyomi.

“Obviously!” Groaned Schwartz as he looked for a shirt in the room to wear.

As he noticed his search was futile, he decided to head out of the room. As he walked out, Tsukiyomi followed him.

“What happened after is nothing much; I picked you up and the thin girl and brought you here. She recovered after some days, but you took longer.”

Explained Tsukiyomi.

“How much time was I in comma?” Asked Schwartz.

“A month and a week. You sure took your time.” Said Tsukiyomi who was indiferent to Schwartz.

He actually didn’t care at all about Schwartz, her companion and their purpose, but because he was hindrancing Amaterasu’s plans, Tsukiyomi felt overjoyed.

He only saved them because they were part in his plan to give a bad taste to Amaterasu.

“And who exactly attacked us?” Said Schwartz with some irritation. It was as if everyime he talked his rage just augmentated.

“I have no obligation to tell you, you know.” Said Tsukiyomi while shrugging his shoulders.

Then Schwartz made an angeres expression and lifted the god by his collar.

“But- I have an advice.” Said Tsukiyomi as if the action Schwartz took was a joke.

“Don’t play with any of them, do not understimate them, or you are dead.”

Schwartz only clicked his tongue and let go of Tsukiyomi while walking towards the room where he noticed Blau’s presensce.

Teil Zwei.

While on invisible mode, the [Triskelion] was floating amidts the sea.


And lying on the deck, someone was sighing. A beautiful girl with black long hair and blue eyes. Yes, she’s Lene.

(It’s been a while since I’ve felt he was coming back, but nothing at the end, huh…) She said to herself while gazing at the blue sky.

(Everything seems so near- yet so far…)

Such a thought crossed her mind.

“Why you so sad?”

Then someone arrived form the inside of the airship. It was Alexa Alekys. She was looking for Lene and finally found her after 20 minutes.

“Nothing, just deep in thought.” Replied Lene while standing up.

(Again thinking in Engel, I get he is a great guy but just why does she like him that much…) Thought Alexa.

She has spent quite some time with Engel but there’s nothing tingling in her head as to why she would be so fixated on him.

Then some quick idea flashed in her mind but decided to ignore it.

(Just as if she’s naturally attracted to him…)

Soon that idea would be answered in quite the shocking way.

Just as Lene was walking towards the inside of the airship-

*Boom! Boom!*

Some explosions scratched Triskelion’s barrier.

“What’s that?” Asked Lene to Alexa.

“That’s why I was looking for you- Izaak detected your and Engel’s parallel so he wanted me took for you. It was like half an hour ago you know.” Replied the girl as she hurried Lene to meet Izaak.

“What’s the situation?” Asked Lene while arriving to the command room of the airship.

“Under control. I called Ms. Cole’s parallel and he said they were going to intercept them as fast as they coould. They’ll most likely arrive in 5 minutes.” Replied Izaak.

“I see- Then there’s nothing to worry for. Let’s wait for them to arrive.” Said Lene as she took a sit and saw how the cameras capted the “attack” [Nidhogg] was applying to [Triskelion].

And as for the other party-

“WHY? WHY DOESN’T THIS FUCKER EVEN FLINCH???!!!!” Shouted Schwartz in anger as he exhausted his breath in attacking the airship in front of him.

With all his might, there was not even a mark on the barrier.

(Just how resistant is that thing?) Asked Blau in her mind while looking at Schwartz rampage.

Then, after a while when he was recovering his [Mana], some company arrived.


Schwartz evaded by a paper-thing margin the divine element attack that a white-haired girl launched.

She’s Engel’s parallel- Ange.

There was no need for words. They both understood that the only thing they should do is to- Kill each other.

Behind Ange, her companions tagged along and pinned down Blau. It would be the very best if they could use their [Arcana] but Schwartz has the ability to block them at certain range, so only using their very own elemental magic, the four stopped the girl.

There was no need to actually harm her, but show her the threatning situation she was right now.

It was too dangerous to consider to catch [Nidhogg] and Ange was the only one to put up a fight with him- And The other girl was still within their scope so to get intel about the enemy’s actions, they thought of catching the girl.

They fully trusted that Ange would take care of [NIdhogg].

As the girl was held down, Ange flew with all her strenght activating [Sephiroth] and attacked her enemy. Schwartz maneuvered in the air as Ange shot various white orbs created with her divine element.

While avoiding them, he created the same spell with devil element and shot it towards her. It was an exchange of Black and Divine Cannons.

As the exchange of energies was done, Schwartz grew impatient and decided to use his ability all out.

“[Elemental Interruption]!!” Shouted [Nidhogg] as great shockwaves flew in all directions.


Ange tried to act as soon as she heard his voice, but there were too much and was hit by one of them.

Suddenly her [Sephiroth] was deactivated and all her mana was depleted in a mere instant.

“Darn!!!” Shouted Ange as she fell with great momentum. Then [Nidhogg] dived too and with some impulse of the [Devil Element] he accelerated and caught up to Ange.

(Shit!) She thought as she took out the shortsword she always carried and tried to stop her enemy’s momentum.

Her mana had no signs of recovering and even if she was confident to survive the fall, it would be the worst when Nidhogg catches up.

Schwartz didn’t have a weapon but while concentrating the devil element in his hand he was able to simulate a knife.

He parried the shortsword and after some strikes he was able to thew away Ange’s weapon.

Just un that moment they reached the ground.


With a loud sound, Ange slowly stood up as [Nidhogg] perfectly landed. He had used his devil element to slow down his fall.


As Ange made an uncomprehensible sound, [[Nidhogg] arrived next to her and kicked Ange in the gut with all his strength.

“Hahaha! Finally I’m able to hit you! I won’t kill you as is! Instead I’ll kill you slowly!!” Shouted Schwartz with a terrific laughter.

“I wasn’t even able to scratch that shit Tsukuyomi told me to test so I’ll let out my frustration with you!!!” As he started to talk on his own, Schwartz kicked Ange once again but now while in the air, he attacked her with [Devil Element]

“Weak weak weak! You are no way equal to me!! I’m better than you!!” Keep shouting Schwartz as he created several black javelins and then pierced Angel with great strength.

This pinned her on the ground and then Schwartz arrived once again next to her.

“Let’s see what can we do to mess you u-BLHERG!!”

Then as he tried to torture Ange, a light spear had pierced [Nidhogg]’s leg.

“Phew… That took me unprepared but thanks to my secret compartment, I was able to get out of this one.”

Said Ange as she freed herself from the black javelins.

Ange has a fake molar so there she keeps an emergency pill to regain her mana. It seems that [Elemental Disturbance] gauges the target’s mana and impides natural recovery for a while, but it doesn’t halt ‘artificial’ methods to recover mana.

Also the strange ability that blocks her [Arcana] is deactivated due to a high posibility of it being related to [Elemental Disturbance].

“SHIT!” Cried Schwartz as he broke the light-made spear and backed several meters from Ange.

[I think it’s the time to do it- Sebastian, let’s go!!]

Comunicated Ange to Sebastian, his butler, who was inside her as kind of spirit possession.

[As you wish, My Lady]

Said Sebastian as their energies began to fuse.

Ange’s rate of [Devil Element] outwitted her [Divine Element] and her mana began to naturally gather again.

Suddenly her appearance changed to as some straight dog ears appeared in her head and her hair turned black. One of her eyes became golden and the other black with a small golden flame flickering, as well as a fluffy tail that appeared in her lower back.

It was the ability she created to stop Liam- [God Eater].

With this, Ange is able to calculate more accurately all the space around her as well as the dimensions she can and cannot enter. Sebastian’s mana is added to hers and her control over [Devil Element] triplicates.

“Now, it’s showtime!” Said Ange as she took out a bident from her [Item Box] and wielded it against [Nidhogg].

“DAMN!” Shouted Schwartz as he flew and took distance to attack Ange.

She intercepted the [Black Cannon] and teleported next to him. He activated his ability [Antimagic Zone] and tried to repell Ange, but she wasn’t affected by it and pierced his abdomen.

Schwartz grumbled as he was attacked and decided to not to waste mana in his disturbance ability. He then accumulated once more dedvil element in his hand and parried the bident, which only worked two times until his hand was completely fractured.

“FUCK!” He shouted as Ange raided him from all flanks with her bident, purposely avoiding mortal injuries. [Nidhogg] fell exhausted in his knees.

“It seems that it will be possible to take you alive…” Said Ange as she tried to know him unconscious.

“No… I-I–I won’t be taken again!!!!!” Screamed Schwartz with all his might as if her words or actions triggered some kind of trauma.

Suddenly, as he continued to yell, all the energy around started to be absorbed by him and his strenght augmented more and more every second.

His body swelled and he started to lose reasoning as the energy filled his body. He started to became a monster, amurdering machine while groaning and releasing shockwaves that affected Ange.


“Not that I care though.”

Just as Schwartz was going to jump towards Ange-

A calm and composed male voice echoed in the place.

As if it were nothing, he landed next to Schwartz and slightly touched him.


Then as [Nidhogg] spat as mouthful of blood, he fell unconscious due to the sudden gauge of energy.

“*Sigh*… Really, how troublesome.” Said the owner of the voice while half-smiling.

He was tall and well built, had heterochromatic eyes and long white hair. While cland in a imposing armor and somewhat oppresing aura, he looked towards Ange and talked to her.

“Oh- Hi, my [Parallel]. I’m Engel Falsch. Nice to meet you.”

Voiced the guy- Engel Falsch, as he half-smiled.



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