Magical Tournament Volume Six Chapter Ten: Ankunft (Arrival) – Doppelgangers are not always fun

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Chapter Ten: Ankunft (Arrival) – Doppelgangers are not always fun

Teil Ein


“Lene? What’s wrong?” Asked Krestin as they supervised the fight between [Nidhogg] and Ange. At this moment, Ange’s companions were out of the disturbance’s range and were able to trap the enemy’s pair.

“No… Nothing. It’s like I suddenlly felt a chill.” Replied Lene with a complicated expression. Krestin knew by that, that Lene was not hiding anything and she focused back on the fight.

(He already… He may be trying to do something else if he’s not here…)

She thought while following Krestin’s actions.

It was hard for her to hide things from Krestin, but somehow she wanted to be the only one to know it.

To know that Engel had already arrived.
Teil Zwei.

“Tell me, why did you handed them out once again?!”

“I-I thought it could be nice of me! Also Izaak can learn afterwards the same method so there’s no problem at all.”

“No problem at all?! You should be kidding!”

At the same time Lene felt Engel had arrived, he was having an argue with Ártemize.

Actually, the portal that Radat’s hubby repaired didn’t have enough strenght to create a gate to the world he had sent his companions, but it did sent him to a nearby one-

The world where Lene had been beforehand- Labirynth World.

He stood there by a mere hour and actually gifted to some strange girl with white hair wearing a suit, the two one-handed swords- [Angeltear] and [Fairy Archdemon].

Engel noticed she was in a pinch and while having a small conversation with her, he gave her the swords.

This time also worked in order to replenish enough [Mana] to teleport towards the world he was now.

Luckily enough, it seems that the Labirynth World was unnaturally filled with magic energy which helped him to recover all his mana in such a short time. Even he himself was actually scared about the rate he recovered. Usually it would take him 3-5 days to recover if his mana was completely depleted for such long time.

“Anyways, this world feels very familiar… Also I can feel the presences of my comrades but… In two pieces? No… I need to carefully analyze this.”

Said Engel while changing to his [Serious Mode] and then teleported from the bay- his location- to the middle of the sea.

There, he saw Ange and [Nidhogg] fighting as well as how other 4 people had trapped a girl with a nasty aura, but pretty similar to Lene’s, and took her towards the [Triskelion] where his companions were.

He was quite the distancxe away, but thanks to his [CLairvoyance], he was able to see the whole picture nicely.

“What’s going on over there?” Asked Ártemize as she could use [Clairvoyance] too. Frederica, who was behind them, limited herself to pout as she could see nothing.

“Something strange. These people have trapped someone and are taking her to the airship…” Voiced Engel.

(I’ll try analyzing them…) He though as his [Demonic Eye] faintly shone.

“Oh… So it’s like that. Maybe she… Also those two…” Muttered Engel as he attentively watched the fight between Ange and [Nidhogg].

After a while, when he really saw danger approaching, he decided to stop the fight.

WIth his [Analyze Eye] he noticed how the energies converged in [Nidhogg]’s body and started to strenghten his body.

[Nidhogg] released shockwaves of [Antimagic] so it deeply disturbed Ange in her attempt to teleport, and also in any other movement she tried to do.

If it was only [Antimagic] it would be fine, but [Nidhogg] was gathering the energy in his fist to make a only strike attack to finish Ange. Moreover, there was a trace of [Spirit] melding with his attack so it would detroy any attempt to block the attack.

This may have been an ability that was triggered even without the user knowing because his body actually was being slowly destroyed as he gathered enormous amounts of energy without care.

“I’ll head there, keep hidden!”

Instructed Engel as he teleported next to [Nidhogg]


“Not that I care though.”

Just as Schwartz was going to jump towards Ange-

His voice sounded in the whole place.

As if it were nothing, he landed next to Schwartz and slightly touched him.


Then as [Nidhogg] spat as mouthful of blood, he fell unconscious due to the sudden gauge of energy.

“*Sigh*… Really, how troublesome.” Said Engel while half-smiling.

(Wow, this guy gathered quite the amount…) He thought while looking at the now unconscious [Nidhogg].

“Oh- Hi, my [Parallel]. I’m Engel Falsch. Nice to meet you.”

Then Engel realized Ange’s gaze all over him and talked to her while giving his usual half-smile.

“Pa-Parallel? So you are my double?” Asked Ange quite dumbfounded by the situation.

“That’s right. I didn’t plan yo appear before you finished this fight but he got quite dangerous a while ago so I had to.” Voiced Engel as he picked up Schwartz.

“Well then, lets go.” He said while in a mere instant, he teleported together with Ange and the unconscious Schwartz towards [Triskelion].

Teil Drei.


“No! No way in heaven we will!!” Said Krestin as he held Engel by the back.

“True, you left us like that a second time and even took your time to come, you cunt!” Said Lene as she used some fake crabs, made by Izaak who was laughing with all his strength in the corner, and placed them in his face.

Engel would scream like a maniac and everytime he was about to get freed, Isold would help Krestin to hold him.

Since he arrived to the airship, he was put under such torture due to his insensibility.

Their lived ages can be a lot, but their mental age hasn’t advanced at the same pace. They still could be seen as 21-year old youngsters at moments like this.

It’s true that they have passed great and awful experiences, but after all this time, they would still act as young. immature people in front of their little group.

“Alrght, alright, I think this should be enough.” Said Lene as she stopped harassing Engel.

It’s been 15 minutes since the suffering started so she decied to let it end like that.

(?? Weird… I thought she would continue at least another 10 minutes…) Thought Krestin as she let go of the messed up Engel that had void eyes and a trail of saliva in his mouth.

They were in the command room, their parallels were in the common area and they had prisoned Schwartz and Blau in different spaces created by Engel that devoided them of [Mana] and [Spirit]. He did not added [Mind] protection because it was impossible for him at his level.

By the way, Ártemize and Frederica were still waiting for orders outside [Triskelion].

“And what do we do now?” Asked Izaak as he helped Engel to stand up.

“Interrogate them. I can see the end of this but at the same time I don’t. We need information.” Said Engel while wiping off the saliva in his cheek.

As soon as he felt better, they teleported towards the cells.

Before departing, Engel asked about Shirayuki and the others and Izaak explained that Lene asked them to remain hidden. They didn’t want to show their parallels evrything they had after all.

They also need privacy.

It would not only be troublesome to explain their experiences, but all the situation they were passing, it was something they wished to not to discuss with just anyone.

Engel and co arrived to a pearl white room, where a girl was crouching in the corner. She seemed afraid and in a panicked state of mind.

She was muttering something along the lines of “Please no more tests” and “No more srynges” repeatdly as if it were a curse.

It somehow reminded Engel of Leslie, but he focused in the immediate matter.

“She’s… Afraid?”

“Yeah, I can analyze the true in her feelings, as well as the state she is by her body.”

“Ugh, her thoughts are a mess… I think it would be better to take her somewhere else…” Said Krestin while reading her mind.

“Right then.” Said Engel as he teleported everyone outside the airship. They appeared above the water surface and he readily froze the surface in the same length and width of the room.

After a while, the girl stopped her mumblings and reacted to the place.

“Do not try to run away or you’ll be back into that room in no time.” Said Engel as he created a thread with his [Phantom Magic], the one that he used to instantly gauge all the energy from Schwartz, and sticked it to her as an insurance.

She would faint the moment she tried to escape.

Blau calmed down and the moment she faced Engel, he used his [Illusion Magic], [Sound Magic] and [Electric Element] to manipulate her so she would say the truth.

She opposed some resistance,which was strange to them because such combination always worked, but after some minutes, it fiunally worked.

They found out that there was a self-proclaimed god named [Tsukiyomi] and that he saved them from some predicaments. He gave them some abilities and employed them to kill various “copies” in the so called [Multiverse]. They have roughly 1 year doing it and they had killed 10 of them.

Each time it was different. The ones they killed varied from arrogant to the most talented of them- Until they landed a month ago to this world.

Still, her resistence was quite the deal and she was able to hold some secrets.

She spilled the soup until they arrived to the recent events.

Blau said that [Tsukiyomi] had sent Schwartz and her towards the place he detected the [Triskelion] and that he should try attacking them.

It would not only work to help feel the gap among him and the ones inside, but also attract the ones they wanted to kill.

Blau found it fishy, but she did not say anything because Schwartz readily accepted the mission.

It wasn’t strange in him to just jump into the battlefield to achieve what he wanted.

As Engel heard this words, he frowned in doubt.

(There’s something fishy in here…) He thought as he made Blau sleep and thought about the whole picture.

(This is strange… Why did he do this? What’s his objective? Is there anything this “god” wants to demonstrate? Also, why pointlessly send them here to their doom? Leaving aside the fact that “Schwartz” accepted this so readily… May-)

“Oh shit…” Voiced Engel after his train of thoughts.

“What happened?” Asked Krestin,

“Bait.. These guys here were a bait. This guym Tsukiyomi may be doing something somewhere else and he sent them here to distract you… Shit, this is such a simple and stupid idea, yet it worked due to the threat level of “Schwartz”.

We need to look for this guy, because I got a bad feeling about this.” Said Engel while trying to contact Ártemize and Frederica.

In this very moment, Engel’s train of thought was a total mess-

Why would this guy go killing copies of us?
Why would he help them especifiaclly?
Is he related to the fact we cannot go to our world?
How powerful is he?
Why do things in the backstage?
Just what is he doing right now?

Desperate for the answer to this questions, he never thought of what he would find among them.

Teil Vier.

Lene had told that they would take care of Blau and Shcwartz interogation, so they should stay in the common area.

They were reclutant, but even Ange was unsure to be able to make Blau spit anything.

Then they received a call from Krestin that it would the best to head towards [Camellia Academy].

Engel had already prisoned Blau in the white room but this time he doped her really hard with some potion he created himself in [Lanza] while learning alchemy to save Shirayuki.

Engel also called Ártemize and Frederica with the artifact [Wake Up Call] and ordered them to search for [Mind] traces in the surroundings.

He had some hunch that this “god” was able to wield [Mind] as him and the two [Arche].

In that very same moment, in a desolated corner of [Camellia City]-

“So, this is the parallel world that guy said, huh?… I guess you wouldn’t see the difference right away.”

Said a guy with night black hair and night black eyes as he fixed his transparent-fram glasses. He had a handsome face which could turn an 180º turn if not taken care. Tall, well built and full of confidence.

He wears casual clothing but has some protection under his clohtes.

“True. That’s why it’s name is [Parallel World] you idiot… That’s why I hate those with 70 of INT…”

Said a slender girl with short hair cut in a straight bob. She had black hair of a different tone of the guy and stunning silver-blue eyes. Also her beauty was in a league that people would kill in order to date this girl. She had sharp eyes and a cool-elegant style.

She was the same as the guy, normal clothing over protective gear.

“I guess we have to search for these [Gods of War] right?” Asked the guy.

“The “god” left nothing for us so I bet that’s right. This is going to be a pain…” Said the girl as she walked over the alley they had appeared.

“Hurry! Even if we are the strongest pair, we gotta be careful!” Said the girl as she saw how the guy didn’t move an inch.

“Alright, alright. You don’t have to be that blunt, Lene.” Said the guy as he caught up to her.

“Ever since we became a couple, you stopped to be friendly with me and are strict as hell.” Said the guy with a mischevous smile to Lene’s ear.

“Shu-Shut up Engel!! We-We-We need to be serious in this!!” Cried the girl to Engel, the black haired guy as she pointed him with a bashful expression.

“Right-righty. Let’s go then.” Replied the guy who seemed to like making schemes and the blushing girl followed his lead.

And at the other corner of these two-

“Welcome to [Camellia City]!” Said a semi-transparent guy with a bussiness smile. This guy was the god Tsukiyomi.

“Ca-Ca-Camellia City?” Asked a thin, pale guy with black hair and eyes barely seen by his bangs, lots of freckles and thick frame glasses. He could be called “The Century’s Nerd”.

“Yes. I summoned to this world of [Fantasy] so you could vanish the evildoing of the [Gods of War]!!” Said the semi-transparent god.

“Right. So, what we gotta do now? This is a fantasy so we are going to get some divine blessing or a secret ability or maybe a legendary item… We cannot exactly go here and there as fools you know.” Said a tall, slender girl full of confidence. She was completely opposite to the messy guy next to her-

She was beautiful, elegant, and quick-witted.

She had silver-blue eyes and a bob-cut, stylish clothing and a great slender figure.

They both were known as the [Perfect Beauty] and the [Global Nerd] in their world- Most especifiaclly, in the schoold they both attended.

They were summoned by the god Tsukiyomi to vanquish the so called [Gods of War].

“Is as you say, I’ll give to you this two artifacts- The [Ultimate Seal – Pandora] and the [Ultimate Slasher – Dainsleif]. This will work splendidly on the [Gods of War] so don’t worry. One strike is enough to defeat them.” Said the god while smiling.

“So why don’t you kill them?!” Retorted the beauty.

“Because I cannot wield those weapons, and my abilities are not match to them either. That’s why I trust, that you’ll destroy them.” Said the god with a sad yet fierce expression.

“Alright. Just tell us where they are and we’ll go for them. I want to go back to my home as soon as possible.” Said the beautiful girl.

“I am sorry but I do not know where they are; still, I can say that you can fi-fi-inf them quickly… Oh no! My-My power is fading!!! I’m sorry, but you Lene and Engel, will have to go and destroy them without my guidance… I’m sorry and I pray you succeed…”

Said the god until he completely vanished.

“Alright! let’s go… Engel? Well, I don’t know you but… Let’s give the best of us!” Said the dazzling beauty, Lene.

“A-A-Alright! I-I’ll follow you!” Said the shy guy, Engel as he blushed and followed Lene. It was the first time in years a girl actually trated him so nice, that you could say he already fell for her with her action, attitude and looks.

She is a goddess for him.

Teil Fünf.

“PFFT HAHAHAHAHAHAH IDIOTS!!! DUMB ASSHOLES!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Amaterasu! You’ll see… You’ll see how I can beat you for once and all!!! You’ll regret have taken my cultivation away!!

This plan… I’ll make it succeed for the sake of my pride and power!! I’ll beat you and regain my power!!

I don’t care if you are benevolent or the best chief god of all times or whatever!! I’ll beat you!! I’ll Kill You!! HAHAHAHAHAH”

Madly laughed Tsukiyomi as he looked the events unfolding around him from a safe place.


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