Magical Tournament Volume Six Epilogue: Abfangen (Interception) – There’s more than two faces in a coin

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Epilogue: Abfangen (Interception) – There’s more than two faces in a coin

Teil Ein.


Voiced Frederica while looking for traces of [Mind] in the surroundings.

“Anything wrong?” Asked Ártemize whose [Mind Perception] was shorter than Frederica’s.

“I fell a slight trace of [Mind] from the north… That’s the direction of the city right?” Asked Frederica.
“Yeah… But why do you fin it weird? Moreover, we should tell Engel about this.” Replied Ártemize.

“Well, it dissapears in midair and then re-appears ahead. It happens every 500 nú… Wait, was it.. Meters right? Anyways- This person probably was witnessing the fight as we did too, then left. It’s strange how he leaves while leaving traces… Is it a trap?”

While deducting what would be the meaning of what she found, Ártemize contacted Engel.

[Engel! We found something!] Said Ártemize with the [Wake Up Call].

[What did you got?] Asked Engel.

[Traces of [Mind] were scattered towards the city at north.] Replied Ártemize.

[I see. follow them and report. I’ve got some business here so I’ll meet with you later.] Voiced Engel as he cut his comunication.

(Haa… So carefree, huh… I wish he raised his awareness a little more) Thought the [Arche] as she talked to Frederica in order to follow Engel’s directions.

At this point, Tsukuyomi doesn’t know at all that Engel has started to learn and strive the path of [Mind].

Teil Zwei.

Engel and co., together with Ange and co arrived to Mr. Cole’s office where he heard all the current situation. He also heard, at closed doors, about the mass-experiment involving him and how he had used his [Yotse Skill – Deceive] to change the gods’ race to [Human].

Of course he received a great blow becuase of the sudden revelation, but because such traumas were already healed, it didn’t took him long to accept such. It’s not like he didn’t know but the whole picture was quite the strike due to him being the prime victim there.

Mr. Cole also used [Deceive] into Mrs. Falsch to clean her memories of such events. Still, that didn’t ereased the guilt she had and that would be enough punishment.

Now Engel understood why, in his case it was his father, didn’t want to spend too much time insside the house and why mom left. Also why even though he was neglected, his father’s love didn’t diminished.

His guilt created true love. Something exceedingly rare and extremely common.

After some thinking and internal conflict, Engel decided to forget such events. He now wanted to focus in his present.

Engel talked over the fact that they had trapped [Schwartz] and [Blau]- His and Lene’s otherworldy versions.

They knew little about their origins, but they did know about their objective. Also he consulted about the one watching over them and what could happen now that these two were trapped.

Both of them assesed that the best would be to wait, due to this “watcher” hiding himself.

He wouldn’t go out, and with no way of tracing him, the best is to wait.

It’s true that Ártemize and Frederica were following the energy path, but no one knew where it leads to. Does it lead to a trap? or to his actual location? Maybe both, maybe neither. While receiving constant report of the situation, they decided to act according whatever situation could arose.

Afer the reunion, passed through the group of parallels awaiting out of Mr Cole’s office and headed towards his friends, who were leisurely talking near some drinks dispenser.

“We have things to do.” Said Engel as he teleported everyone into the Triskelion.

“Wha-?! So sudden?” Said Izaak while looking at Engel. It’s like an instant swich had turned his mood into his [Serious Mode].

Izaak couldn’t get why he was like that. Dealing with the two parallels was already done, and whoever was behind them would soon fall.

But he didn’t know the therrific truth that wavered Engel’s heart. The truth of [Mind].

As espectacular as it may be, as powerful as it can grow… [Mind] is the most dangerous and destructive force in any of the existing worlds.

Because [Mind] involved the energy provided by your own existence, either [Spirit] or [Mana] were useless against it. Moreover, a injury made by [Mind] would only be healed by [Mind].

As with [Mana], [Divine Element] was the only capable to heal wounds.

Thus, he needed to teach them about [Mind] as soon as possible. There was someone with said energy in this world, and such an unexpected factor was not to his liking.

“There’s no time at all… Shit… What do I- Maybe…”

A sudden idea passed through his mind. He only hoped thins went as he expected.

Engel hurriedly teleported to the command room from the common area and took paper and pen. He wrote two letters as fast as he could and went for Shirayuki as she was in the kitchen, preparing some food; then he teleported back to the other’s location.

“Take this, set the cube to the limit power and after two years come back!”

He said in a loud voice to Lene. She, as well as everyone were confused and suddenly they were teleported by Engel without any notice.

Teil Zwei.

“Wha-What is this?!” Shouted Krestin in awe. She was the only one who voiced her thoughts as the others were in shock.

They had just arrived to [Random] and their energy was throughly gauged. Even the [Mana] inside the innermost corner of their body was taken, so their unnatural strenght and resistance was restricted; not to mention the augmented gravity field.

They were surprised as to why Engel would sent them to such a world without any previous notice. Then Lene opened one of the two letters and read it.

The letter was directed to them and had some instructions on it.

It said to look the cabin nearby and mention his name to the people inside- Radat, Beardy Gramps, Smithy Monk and Radat’s hubby.

There they had to learn about [Mind] from Gramps and train for two years.

He also explained how it was utterly necessary for them to learn it.

Lene and co. were surprised, yet made a bitter smile due to Engel being as quick as always. He did sent them to an unknown place with harsh environment and without any explanation.

Everyone understood that this was necessary and something that had to be done at all costs-

Or so it was supposed to be.

“THAT PRICK!!!!!!!!!”

Shouted Lene with all her might. Angered, she crushed the letter in her hand and made a furious expression.

Her left cheek twitched a couple of times until she cried again and stomped on the ground.

“Fuck fuck fuck damn that prick! That cunt!! I hate him I hate him I hate him!!!”

That’s all what she shouted for a while, while being unable to voice her true thoughts.

(Why?! Why?! Why?! Finally he had come back and now this?! Why?! Is he that eager to be alone? Weren’t we separated lots of years and trained a whole decades just for him to appear and sent us again in a stupid journey?! I hate him I hate him I hate him guts!! Why can’t he explain shit?! Why can’t he just stop to tell anyhitng?! That motherfuckeeeeeer!……

Why do we have to be away again…)

Just as Lene was enraged by it, Krestin felt a sting in her heart.

Still, she couldn’t figure what it was.

Teil Drei.

“Shit… This sure it tiring…”

Said Engel as he fell to the floor, exhausting all his strenght.

He used all his mana in order to teleport 5 people and also he took measueres so they would teleport next to the cabin where Radat and her hubby most likely would be having an “afterparty”.

Engel forgot to wake up Lilya from her slumber, so the burden placed in him was far greater than normal. His bloody [Demonic Eye] was not repairing itself with [Spirit].

His breathing was rough, but his heart was now tranquil. With the instructions he left, most likely they would be back in a couple of hours, at most, the next day.

(It’s harsh for them, but it’s the best I can do. I still can’t create a [Poket Dimension] devoid of [Mana] and [Spirit], with only [Mind] on it. Lene’s [Cube] should do the work there.)

Thought Engel while he started to recover his [Mana] naturally. He would like to drink some potions but doing so would only bite back at him, as to prevent the natural recovery of [Mana].

“Shit I can’t move…” He said while suffering a strong paralysis and thinking how he should have some resistance to this kind of efect.

Then the sister Asher Ashdown appeared.

“Engel where ar- Engel?!” She shouted while runing towards him. She helped Engel to stand up and she took him and laid him down in a nearby sofa.

“What happened to you?” Quickly asked Asher.

“Nothing, I just used all my [Mana]. Still, where you looking for me?” Asked Engel while trying to accomodate in the sofa.

“Yes. Autumn said that Shirayuki had dissapeared out of nowhere while cooking the lunch, so I came to ask if you knew anything about it.” Explained Asher.

Engel had already presented to the whole crew inside the airship, so they knew he had already come back; that is to say, when Engel and co. came back from Mr. Cole’s office, and when they return to the airship, they release some aura in order to let everyone they had arrived.

Due to that, Asher knew that looking for Engel wasn’t pointless.

“Oh, that… I took her somwhere else. She’ll be back soon, as well as Lene, Krestin, Izaak and Isold.”

Replied Engel as he started to doze off. He felt wuite tired and so, decided to recover man while taking a slight nap.

(I bet she’s completely mad right now…)

Thought Engel while picturing a certain slender girl as his mind went to rest with his characteristical half-smile.

Teil Vier.

“So this is the reign of the [Gods of War]?”

Said Lene while walking together with Engel. This two, were the “timid” and “popular” ones.

She had been investigating her surrounding and found that the gods were either hated as demons or loved as heroes. She didn’t know why she had to terminate them.

“Fishy, this is all fishy…” She thought while the shy Engel focused only in looking at her all the time.

“So what do we do no-Ugh!”


Then Engel bumped into someone due to him contemplating Lene’s beauty.

“O-Oh! So-Sorry! I didn’t mean toooo… Eeeeeh?!”

Then he strangely shouted.

That’s because-

“E-Engel? But how? Eh? Ah?”

He had bumped into Lene.

The fallen girl was as confused as he was.

While they tried to comprehend what was going on-

“What… is going on here?”

A pair of heavenly beings appeared out of nowhere. They had shining white wings and golden-white halos.

“This…. Is a complete mess…” Said Lene, the popular one while trying to figure out the whole picture of this sudden situation.




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