Magical Tournament Extra Edition: Story Maker – Is there actually a wall?

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Extra Edition: Story Maker – Is there actually a wall?

First Meeting.

“What are you doing?” Asked Izaak to Engel as he was in the usual dim-lighted room and was writing in a paper sheet.

“Applying to a club. I’m filling the form.” Replied Engel.

“Club? Which one?” Pondered Izaak; Lene and Isold were in the cooking club, Krestin in the track and field club and he was in the archery club. Engel was the only one who didn’t belong to a club.
“Rugby.” Said Engel while finishing the filling.

“Oh, finally aware that such sport is the only one you can play?”

“Shut up.” Said Engel to Izaak’s teasing.

“Hope it goes well.” Added Izaak while Engel teleported out of the room.

Days later, it was known that Engel was the MVP of their first match.

Hurra for our protagonist.

Video One.

A tall, black haired youth was in the beach at dusk while being embraced by his crying lover.

A stunning escene that held striking feelings.

“My love, my life! How can I detest you?! Even if you are transexual, poor, with a wooden leg and with gonorrea, I will love you fore-”

“Hey, who the fuck wrote this?! How come I’m a transexual? I don’t even have a wooden leg! And why gonorrea?! I know you can’t joke with aids or cancer but gonorrea?! COME OOOOOON!”

Shouted Izaak while being held by Isold on a stage as she perfectly acted with “beach setting” behind them. He separated himself from her embrace.

In a closed room inside a plain house, a bob-cut girl slapped a blue-haired girl with reat hatred.

“You! You are the one who made Sally cry! I know you feel superior now but I know your secret!!! You, you… You are Robert’s sister! You had sex with him and then with his father and then with his granfather and his cousin… and his sister?….

Hey! Director! What the hell is this?!”

While talking, Lene suddenly turned towards the director and questioned the origin of her lines.

On a cliff, a white haired guy was confronting a black haired girl with a ponytail.

“I… I must say it…. I must confess it!… I… I watch bondage videos on internet also 2 women and the cup, bestiality, hentai, raping, vouyerism, solo cams and I also like to go on night walks with only a coat and a leathe-…


Engel could not hold it anymore and went to vomit backstage followed by his sister Brunnhildr.

A ponytailed girl with great physique was shouteing to a large crowd.

“Stop the war so I declare! Why do we have to fight among ourselves? We are all human! We are all people of this country! We should think things throughoutly! Why de we have to kill our neighbor? Kill our friend or kill our brother?! WHY?! Why politics matter that much? Why money is so important? Why bonds are so useless? Why do we suffer to this extent towards a cause we don’t fully understand!!!?? Cease the fire so I emphasize!!!….”

“HEY STOP!” Said Suddenly Engel while halting Isold’s acting.

“What’s the matter?” Asked the director.

“WHY THE HELL IS SHE THE ONLY ONE WITH A NORMAL ESCENE?!” Inquiered Engel while lifting the director, Adrian Arclight, from his shirt’s neck.

“Be-Because she’s the only one with talent….” Replied Adrian while trying to comically free himself from Engel’s angered grip.

All the day, Adrian and the gods of war and Brunnhildr have been on a extra-curricular evaluation.

They had to follow and act escenes given by Adrian, the Drama Club’s President and he would fill some grades according to their performance.

Then Adrian tried to toy with them a little which ended in each of them vomiting after their escenes.

The only one who hasn’t vomited was Isold. Engel had just arrived and noticed Isold had a normal escene.

“The only one with talent, huh… Anyways, stop playing around and let’s do this seriously!” Exclaimed Engel while releasing Adrian.


After he stroked his neck a couple of times, the others arrived with pale faces.

“Alright, you all are now on stage, so let’s make an improvisation! Let’s see what you’ve got!” Said Adrian as he surpervised them, once again.

In the back of the group, the stage was changed to a starry night.

“ACTION!” Shouted Adrian and then Izaak and Krestin stood in front of the other.

“Sorry… I-I have to marry him. I can’t betray my family… Their orders are absolute…” Said Krestin while crying as she hid her face from her lover.

“Your family?! What do I care!! Families, nobleese and whatnot, I don’t care!! I-”


Then, while the brokenhearted Izaak was bluting out his feelings, Engel appeared from behind Krestin.

“Bro-Brother?!! What are you doing here?!” Exclaimed Krestin in tears.

“You… I won’t hold you back anymore. Just be who you are…. I accept you as you are. I won’t hinder this love anymoreee!!!”

Suddenly, Engel started to say cool but strange words.

“Brother…” Said Krestin while smiling and wiping her tears.

“Thank yo-”

“Really?! I don’t have to act anymore?! What a relief!!! YES! Let’s elope, MY DARLING!” Shouted Izaak who suddenly jumped in Engel’s arms.

“Let’s go, my honey”

With a sweet voice and a radiant smile, Engel jumped out of the stage and ran out while carrying Izaak as they both laughed in their way.


“Wait a fucking minute, didn’t those two just escape?!” Then retorted Lene as she looked dumbfounded the way the both guys ran away.

“Yeah, it seems. I did not even noticed until they were ouside- Anyways, they did it right so I have no complains either.

Krestin, you got fooled by them so stay with Lene and Isold too.”

Voiced Adrian as he accepted he was fooled by Izaak and Engel.

“ACTION!” He shouted as the background changed to a desert valley full of swords, armors and other weaponry.


“My body is made of swords-”

“CUT! … Ha…. LENE! We won’t be breaking the copyright so please don’t use references! Bots of the DMCA are everywhere. Also I think Isold would not even get the idea so put youself together!!!”

Angrily declared Adrian while Lene voiced- “EEEHHH?!” As her protest but had no choice to abid to the rules.

Really, those bots are everywhere.

“ACTION!” Shouted Adrian oncex again as the background changed to a small kitchen.

“Where are the onions?! COME ON! THEY ARE LATE!!! Krestin, hurry with the meat!! Isold don’t even try to hasten the process or I’ll Kill YOUUUUU!!!

160 seconds!!”

“”YES CHEF!!!””

While moving at unbelievable speeds, Krestin, Isold and Lene were cooking some dish of steak and onion for an elegant and important costumer.

After the exellent job done by the three chefs, and receiving great words from the costumer, they closed the reserved restaurant and sighed in relief.

“Really… Getting a star… I hope we manage.” Said Krestin while lying on a chair.

“Yeah…” Said Lene as she washed the place.

“Still, we…. Eh?!”

Suddenly, Isold let out a stupid sound.




“Wha- Isold?! What the hell happened?!”


Then, suddenly Isold screamed and fell. Lene and Krestin ran towards her in order to see what had happened.

There, they saw Isold wriggling on the floor while holding her wrist. There was also a pool of blood next to her.

“I-Isold…. You…. YOUR HAND!?!?!?”

Shouted Krestin while noticing that she was holding her wrist, but there was no hand atatched to it.

“Ehh? Your hand?! What happened?! Isold?! Wha-EH?!”


Suddenly, Lene slipped on something and fell too. She turned her sight to see what was on her shoe and-


She had stepped on and slipped on Isold’s hand.

“LENE!! Are you ok-……..Eh… Eh… Eh….EH?”

Soon as Krestin tried to bandage Isold’s wrist, she went towards Lene and tried to lift her while she was still screaming.

There, Krestin dumbfoundedly left out some uncomprehensible sounds while looking at her hands.

Except that, there were no trace of her hands and only threads of blood flowed from his wrists.

She did not even let out a sound as she contemplated her bloody limbs and only stared on surprise.


Lene tried to put herself together and then saw Krestin’s empty wrists at point blank. Then some blood drops fell on her face and made a trail from her cheeks to her chin.

“Kre-Kre-…. BLEEEGGHH!!!!!!!”

Suddenly Lene started to puke out of the shock. The vomit puddle spread on the floor and it had no signs of stopping.

“Bleegh…. *Cough* *Cough*”

Then she slowly raised her head and-


Krestin was recording Lene’s reaction.

“This will be a boom on yourtubes”


“Just imagine- “Famous chef pukes on her own kitchen!””

“Her own kitchen… (LOL).”

“Wha-Wha-THE HELL???!!!!!”

Then Lene screamed as she noticed that Isold and Krestin didn’t have a scratch on them.

“Oh yeah- “Surprise- This is a prank!””

Said Krestin in monotone while sanding up.

“The fuck?! Erase that! Also how the fuck do you dare to play a prank on me?!#”

Shouted Lene with an enraged expression.

“Engel’s note. It said- “Screw you Lene and your pranks. It’s my win today.””

Added Isold whole wiping her wrist of the red corn syrup.

“Engel…. Engel…. Engel SCREW YOUUU TWAAAAAAAT!!!!!”

Raised Lene a scream to the heavens while Engel was in his house waiting for Krestin’s video.

“Nice one there! It was a good improvisation!”

Said Adrian as he clapped.

“That’s a given!” Said Lene while grinning and getting off the stage.

“That’s all for today, I’ll report to Ms. Cole. You can leave.” Added Adrian as he walked to the exit.

“Hey girls… After this act, don’t you think, it would be nice to play a prank on Engel?” Said Lene.

“Mmm… Is it really okay? Can we actually pull it off?” Voiced Krestin.

“It’s kay It’s kay, we can do it!”

“We can.” Said both Lene and Isold who were unusually fired up.

“Count me in too!”

Said Adrian from the exit as he walked away.

“A-and me?”

Said a lonely voice that had been forgotten by everyone reading and the characters themselves.

Poor her.

Second Meeting.

“I love crabs… Slain is the best character… Shia is not mai waifu… BL forever… Alteier no sekkusu?! The hell man how many things has Lene written here?”

Asked Izaak to Engel who was in a wheelchair again. He was wrapped with bandages from head to toe and was barely able to talk… Or making uncivilized voices.

“Badlaafajdhkfas asdjfhad añsdlkfjdskjf” (This is the result of a prank Lene made)

“I see… And what exactly happened?” Asked Izaak who was comunicating with Engel via [Wake Up Call].

“aldadf sdjfñldk alkf asñdjfh k… aslkdfhlkdh dsñkhfl lkahds asdñfklh sddsk lkdj sdflksdklfj dlkfdjksa laskjf alkdjtamsdkldfi” (Stop scribbling on my bandages too… And she made some strange bondage play with antimagic.)

“I see, I see. Tell me more.”

“sdkfjshd asldkñfj añsldkfjñdlkj” (It all started with…)

Then Engel started to talk about his painful expreience as Izaak writed “I love lolis”, “Plot is not allowed” and “Go away if you’re older than 14” all over him.

Video Two.

It was like any other day on the academy campus.

Engel sat in his designed chair next to Krestin and Isold.


Shouted Lene who was presenting the “show”. Artificial claps, whistles and cries of joy sounded in the empty classrom with only these 5 people.

Incidentally, Izaak was requested by Ms. Cole to help in the crafting area and was the only absent.


“A-a-a-a-a-alright! So let’s begin! This little quiz show it to know who is the best of us in terms of general knowledge!” Voiced Lene loudly with a bright smile while making some JoJo poses.

“But Izaak is not here.” Retorted Engel while raising his hand.


Repeated Lene.

“Ignoring me, huh.” Added Engel while he just went with the flow.

“Alright! The contestants will be asked 30 questions and in order to win… That is to answer more than the other one!! And to get the right of answering, you’ll have to push the button in front of you!!”

Added Adrian who appeared from behind Lene and started to explain the rules.

“Not to mention that, if you fail the answer…. You’ll get a “surprise punishmeeeeeent!!””

For some reason, they said “Surprise Punishment” in unison so it gave some chills to Engel.

“Alright! Then let’s jump to the questions!” Said Lene while preparing the cards in her hand.

… Also there’s too much alrights…. Why?


“First question!! What is a Pliosaurus Rossicus?!” Asked Lene.



“Okay, Isold tell us!”

“P. rossicus was first described and named by Nestor Ivanovich Novozhilov in 1948. The specific name is derived from the name of Russia, where the holotype was found. The holotype of P. rossicus, PIN 304/1 housed at Paleontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, consists of cranial and some postcranial remains of a relatively small pliosaur. It was collected at the right bank of the Volga River, of Chuvashia, European part of Russia, from the Buinsk Mine oil shales, Dorsoplanites panderi ammonite zone, dating to the middle Volgian stage (also known as middle Tithonian). Novozhilov (1964) later also described some pectoral remains associated with the holotype. The holotype preserved trihedral teeth like other members of Pliosaurus, and bears 6 tooth pairs in the mandibular symphysis, similar to OUMNH J.10454. Halstead (1971) reassigned this species to Liopleurodon based on this symphyseal tooth count,but Knutsen (2012) and Benson et al. (2013) referred it back to Pliosaurus, as it exhibits the diagnostic traits of the genus such as trihedral teeth. PIN 304/1 has also been interpreted as a juvenile by both Halstead (1971) and Storrs et al. (2000) based on its relatively small size and poorly developed dorsal blade and anteroventral ramus of the scapula.”




“Ehhh?! The hell was that? Isn’t that from wikipedia?! Did she know the Q/A beforehand?! Actually that’s not even general knowledge! Also I didn’t even think she answered the question correctly!!!”

Retorted Engel with all his might.

“So now the punishment!!!”

“Ignoring me again?!”

As Lene made another JoJo pose and Adrian behind them exploded a ballon above Krestin.

“Some comfetti in Krestin’s hair! What a punishment!! D: !!”

Said Lene while covering her agape mouth in another JoJo pose.

“Oh! So the punishments ar-“”[Antimagic Lightning]”Asdafljsdhfldskñfañlkfd SDsadgñlsdkhfjdsflkasdj”

Then Adrian used his famous [Antimagic Lightning] and attacked Engel.

“Punishment Punishment!”

“And so- To the neeeeeeext question!!”


Engel could not even retort now.

“Tell me- What’s the full Japanese name of [My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy]??”


“I know that one!” Shouted Engel after recoving from the shock.

“Answer then.” Said Lene.

“Ore no Nōnai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Rabu Kome o Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru”

“WRONG!!!” Lene used [SHOUT]

“EHHH?!! Watdefuq?!!” It’s super effective!!!!


“Say Krestin-”

“It’s- [Ore no Nounai Sentakushi wa, Gakuen Rabukome o Zenryouku de Jama Shiteiru]”


“It’s the same shiiiiit!” Engel used [Verbal Cursing]

“Punishment Time!”

“[Antimagic Lightning]”


Not very effective…

“Very well!! Isold’s punishment will be a pinch in the cheeck by me!! Terrific! D: D: D: D:!!!

Then Lene pinched Isold’s cheek while making more JoJo poses.

“Fuck youuuuu…. And also stop the JoJo Poses, it’s making me feel nausea…”

Hey! That was going to be my next line! Oh, whatever-

“And sooo, we’ll move to the next questioooon!!!”

3-What does [Mugetsu] means in his kanji?
4-How much is 2 per 2?
5-When did the Devonian era started and ended?
6-Who invented the Kevlar Fibre?
7-What was the first desing of [The Amazing Spiderman]?
15-How many constelations are in the Winter Season’s Sky?
16-Of which elements is the human made of in his 100.00 percent?
17-How high is the Outer Space?
18-Who killed Gilgamesh?
19-Who was the creator of the Plasma TV?
29-Why was Ben Affleck hated by all the Western Comic Fans?


“Yes, Engel?”


“Sorry, I didn’t get the answer so you fail!!” Replied Leneeee! And it’s goneee!

“ANNNGHH DÑSDFJDFKLDF””[Antimagic Lightning]””AAAAAssalskfasglñfkaghsdgksdjfñlkdjfd”

“And sooo we are wiiiith 14-0-14 with one failed questioon!! We are in a tight spot!” Announced Lene while-

Oh, this time she was not making the JoJo pose.


NOOOU! She still made iit!!!!

[Image: 3835047-9913134835-13513.jpg]

“Yes! We are now in the last question! For the dake of answering, we’ll release Engel from his bondage!!”

“So you were aware of your cheating?!” Retorted Engel as soon as the gag came off.

As one of the punishments, he had to be tied in a diamond-knot and hanged on the ceiling.

“Or maybe we will gag him again~” Replied Lene in a sweet voice.

“Or maybe I just shut up. :3 ” Added Engel whose jaw was at its limit.

“And let’s jump to the next and last question! With this question, all the other points are nulified!! This last question is worth all the previous questions!!” Voiced Lene who drove on the fast line.

“Dafuq??!! So there was no use in ty-“”Should we gag agai-“”Alright-Alright :3 :3” As Engel restlessly moved trying to lessen the tightness of the ropes.

“30th Question! What~are~the structural aplications of carbon nanotubes?!”

Asked Lene with a brilliant smile and without any pose.

(Haa… There’s no use to retort now…)

“[Antimagic Lightning]!”

“afsñdlfhkasf!!! WHHYYYYYY?!” Shouted Engel to the now never-ending cycle of Talk-Lightning Shock.

“You didn’t retort.” Mischevously smiled Lene as the bell rang.

“Yeah, Isold?”

“Yeah, wait a minute… Yeah it’s here.

Because of the carbon nanotube’s superior mechanical properties, many structures have been proposed ranging from everyday items like clothes and sports gear to combat jackets and space elevators. However, the space elevator will require further efforts in refining carbon nanotube technology, as the practical tensile strength of carbon nanotubes must be greatly improved. For perspective, outstanding breakthroughs have already been made. Pioneering work led by Ray H. Baughman at the NanoTech Institute has shown that single and multi-walled nanotubes can produce materials with toughness unmatched in the man-made and natural worlds.”


“Wait! What the fuck?! She was reading fromthe wiki right now?!”


“I said Hesadlñkjz-.,nlksdhjflaksdjfhjñdslkfs!”

“Sorry, it’s of no use! Alright, the winner is Isold! Till the next time everyone!”

Then at a simple closing saluting to the unexistent camera, Lene, Adrain, Krestin and Isold said goodbye amidst the artificial claps and whistles as Engel kept convulsing by the shocks.

Q&A Corner

[Sorry, but due to winter break we are not giving any interviews.] – Attentively; This humble black sheep.

End of the Corner

Final Meeting.

“Somehow, I am glad not being there. Still, I wonder why not only you, who wouldn’t be in that state due to some slight shocks, but everyone else is also covered in bandages.” Wondered Izaak as his graffiti intensifies.

Wile being written on by Izaak, Lene replied.

“dsfkfjdhña ñlkhsdfñaskdljf ñklsd dfuigheru sñdkfl jasñ ghsdjffgsufdhj asdlkfh j lfdkjh l sdflkgj fjhk sjdkfh skdjflkdsfieurlfkdd sdh sdlf…” (Actually after we ended the prank, Isold dropped some water wihle Engel fell to the floor as we were releasing him and he mercilesly struck us with a [Black Antimagic Lightning] which due to the water struck us all…)

Explained Lene as she moved inside the bandages.

Then Izaak felt a chill in his back.

“swomhow, deris one dat isnt damagd…”


Said sloppily Engel as he released his [Black Antimagic Lightning] and stuck Izaak with it until he became medium roasted.





BTW I’ve never watched JoJo 😥


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