Status Update -One Year Aniversary

Hello people, Aleksander here.

As the tittle says, this is the first “aniversary” of Magical Tournament, as well as this site. In fact, I think the site is a week younger as the first chapter of Magical Tournament was posted on Royalroad (Whom I still give priority and release my chapters there first).

Well, what I want to say that even though I have other 3 series in hiatus and the barely updated Magical Tournament, I’ve feel good writing it.

Real life has just been hectic since last year with college and all, but still you see I try to update as I haven’t declared Magical Tournament on break. This does not mean I will do so- I plan to keep writing to give a proper end to this series. The ending will be one I like and decide, which I hope you will like too.

As this series by the time it started was influenced by trends and readers, so it turned out to be the Overpowered Main Character + Harem, and that got out of my hands. Right now I do not regret listening to opinions and such but I feel like it could have been a better story.

This by no means says I don’t like what I’ve done- Yet also it doesn’t mean it will be kept like that.

As to tell the near future of Magical Tournament (And to end this post), I must say that many of the broken aspects this series had will be fixed, plotwise, and this is the road I’ve chosen towards the ending I have decided.

And so, with no chapter done for this “aniversary”, I leave these words of thanks to all my readers, visitors, subscriptors, the small amount of people who comments- To all of you; Many thanks for putting up with my “awezom grramar skillz” and the slow releases.



Really, Thank You for this year.



PS: Next chapter is halfway done so I hope I can post it tomorrow, if not, the day after tomorrow. My lectures’ schedule is so rekt…  I hate these obligatory subjects.