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Just me; a total odball that can’t fit in society and instead tries to escape trough the literary world.

Time Zone: GTM -6

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8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. nexusflamehart says:

    As your friend I am honestly requesting you find an editor who knows English formally, the actual quality of your work is diminished by its lossy grammar and I’d hate to see it bogged down by something as cheap as that.

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    • Thanks. But unfortunately, there’s no one but myself to do it…. But’ll think I’ll seriusly look for an Editor.

      I post them without revision because I just write them with full inspirational modo and then just post them. For me, it feels unnatural. If I were to review my chapter, I’d change it maybe thousands of times, so I just let the flow go.

      And I’m ashamed of myself to say that I really suck at grammar when speed writing.

      So, I’ll follow your advice :3

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      • nexusflamehart says:

        I know that feeling completely, I hate rereading things I’ve written to the point where I cringe just looking at my notebook.

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      • Yeah… I’ve got another fiction in the page and… Well, that’s the peak of my obsessed revisions XD….

        Anyways, I’d like to ask if you have any questions and/or opinions about the story.

        Besides grammar, because you already pointed that out :3


      • nexusflamehart says:

        Since I haven’t read very far, I’m not halfway finished with volume 1, I don’t have any questions that I don’t assume won’t be answered in the near future.

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      • Ohhh! I thought you already had finished it……. Because there’s soposed to be a couple of chapters with the worst grammar xD…. Well, it’s okay anyways.

        I hope your opinion :3


  2. Namorax says:

    There are many influences if german language in your story… is it intended that they don’t sound completely correct to someone who speaks the language, or is it just that you are unfamiliar with german?

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    • Well, It’s my mistake.

      It was my preference to do it like that but certainly it has happened that a some people had pointed that out. You’d be like the ninth or so.

      I’m not that unfamiliar with the language but at the end, I’m less than a noob at it so by all means it a mistake. :/


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