Character Index

Magical Tournament: Rise Of The Black Swan Characters

[May Contain Spoiler]

Main Charachters:

Engel Falsch: (16 years old, Male): Called the [God Of War Metatron], he participated in the [Civil War] against [Utgarda-Loki]. He slayed thousands of dragons and the infamous [7 Cursed Dragons]. After, he won in a 1 vs 1 fight against the [Archangel Camael] and became the legitimate possesor of the [Longinus Lanze]. He has also defeated the [God Of War Valkyrie Rossweisse], Isold Ähnlich. He has officialy become Yozora’s hunsband.

Status Window
Name: Engel Falsch Alignment: Black Bixbite
Level: 257/200 EX-Class: Tactical/Magical
Race: Personen Gender: Male
Balance Breaker – Metatron – Heavenly Dragon Slayer – Emperor of Heaven and Earth – Twilight Dragon – Master of the Longinus – The Best Master, Husband and Father – The One Who Makes Girls Fall Hard – Plot Chaser – Yozora’s Husband
Health: 1,009,990/999,990
Mana: 1,609,998/1,599,998
Attack: 109,990 Agility: 189, 982
Intelligence: 70 Defense: 69,994
Hit Probability: 27,982 Luck: 5
Class: Assasin/Martial Artist Sub-Class: Phalanx/Caster/Prayer
Elemental Affinity

Yozora Sakurai (719 years old, Female): Engel’s  partner, right hand and official wife. Fell for Engel when she was saved by him while the events of the [Holy Eraser] ritual. She was pierced by [Longinus Spear] a downgraded version of the original. She survived, but caused Engel to go berserk. After, she traveled to earth with Engel.

Status Window
Name: Yozora Sakurai Alignment: Black Bixbite
Level: 200/200 EX-Class: Magical
Race: Dämon Gender: Female
Black Night Sky – Black Cold Flame -Enge’s Perfect Wife – Caring Mother
Health: 220,000/220,000
Mana: 220,000/220,000
Attack: 20,000 Agility: 19,999
Intelligence: 60 Defense: 15,000
Hit Probability: 11,100 Luck: 8
Class: Magician Sub-Class: Prayer/Wizard
Elemental Affinity

Brunnhildd Falsch (17 years old, Female): Engel’s older sister. Overprotective and halted Engel’s growth. Intuitive genius type. She is obsessed with him, but with no ill feelings.

Status Window
Name: Brunnhildr Flasch Alignment: Crimson Lava
Level: 125/200 EX-Class: Magical/Power
Race: Personen Gender: Female
Lava Lady – Obsessed Sister
Health: 8,500/8,500
Mana: 7,390/7,390
Attack: 6,580 Agility: 3,900
Intelligence: 50 Defense: 4,900
Hit Probability: 750 Luck: 6
Class: Knight/Magician Sub-Class: Phalanx/Caster
Elemental Affinity

Lene Nachahmung (16 years old, Female): Called the [God Of War Empress Cleopatra]. Is one of the five ingestors of [Skyfall Tear]. She slayed the wholesome of [Undead Prisioner’s Army]. In the third stage she won against a [Maschine Leiter] and obtained the [Gáe Bulg Lanze].

Status Window
Name: Lene Nachahmung Alignment: Icy Lake
Level: 240/240 EX-Class: Magical/Power
Race: Personen Gender: Female
Balance Breaker – Empress Cleopatra – Slayer of the Undead – Continental Beauty – Untouchable Empress – Master of Gáe Bulg – Food Dumbass – The Girl Barely in the Plot Side
Health: 599,980/599,980
Mana: 1,599,998/1,599,998
Attack: 79,992 Agility: 97,990
Intelligence: 80 Defense: 39,996
Hit Probability: 7,992 Luck: 7
Class: Magician/Assasin Sub-Class: Caster/Wizard/Prayer
Elemental Affinity

Krestin Spiegel (16 years old, Female): Named [God Of War Holy Blade Maiden]. She slayed the [Thousand Underworld Army]. There she recluted an peculiar [Automata]; She has a hard crush on Engel. In the third stage, she defeated a [Maschine Leiter] and obtained [Zeus’ Lightning Lanze]

Status Window
Name: Krestin Spiegel Alignment: Golden Forest
Level: 250/200 EX-Class: Power/Tactical
Race: Personen Gender: Female
Balance Breaker – Holy Blade Maiden -Thousands of Thousands Slayer – Conqueror of The Underworld – Master of Zeus’ Lightning – Plot Master – The One Who Was in The Flat Side
Health: 798,000/798,000
Mana: 599,998/599,9958/td3]
Attack: 99,990 Agility: 99,990
Intelligence: 70 Defense: 99,990
Hit Probability: 7,992 Luck: 5
Class: Knight/Blademaster Sub-Class: Samurai/Phalanx/Prayer
Elemental Affinity

Izaak Ausgewogen (16 years, Male): Known as [God Of War Hephasteus]. Other ingestor of [Skyfall Tear]. Defeated a batallion of [Mad Titans]. Hates Engel because he won Krestin’s heart, who Izaak likes. In the third stage he obtained [Areadbhair Lanze]

Status Window
Name: Izaak Ausgewogen Alignment: Steel Fist
Level: 239/200 EX-Class: Power/Magical
Race: Personen Gender: Male
Balance Breaker – Hephasteus The Second – Mad Titan’s Slayer – The One Loved by Blacksmiths – Master of Areadbhair – Justice Idiot – The Guy Who Fears Reptiles – Loser in Love
Health: 599,994/599,994
Mana: 999,990/999,990
Attack: 79,990 Agility: 59,994
Intelligence: 50 Defense: 79,990
Hit Probability: 13,986 Luck: 7
Class: Knight/Magician Sub-Class: Blacksmith/Caster/Prayer
Elemental Affinity

Isold Ähnlich (16 years old, Female): Called [God Of War Valkyrie Rossweisse]. Presumably the first ingestor of [Skyfall Tear]. Not really smart but very powerful. She gave support to the [Light Einherjar Army] and almost anihilated the whole [Dark Einherjar Army] by herself. She defeated a [Maschine Leiter] and obtained the legendary [Gungnir Lanze], not to mention that the [Leiter] fell in love with her. Was defeated by Engel in a 1 vs 1 battle.

Status Window
Name: Isold Ähnlich Alignment: Mountain Destroyer
Level: 233/200 EX-Class: Power/Magical
Race: Personen Gender: Female
Balance Breaker – Valkyrie Rossweisse – The One Who Posseses The Aesir Blessing – Aesir’s Maiden – Full Metal Fist – Master of Gungnir – Power Idiot – Hardhead Idiot Level Over 9000 – The Girl Who Can’t Divide
Health: 1,004,990/1,004,990
Mana: 804,992/804,992
Attack: 164,998 Agility: 40,998
Intelligence: 15 Defense: 269,998
Hit Probability: 40,998 Luck: 9
Class: Knight/Martial Artist Sub-Class: Phalanx/Lancer/Rougue Artist
Elemental Affinity

Lilya Lykanis (420 years old, Female): A former [Raubtier] and now a [Pixie] serving Engel as a maid. She has a crush on Engel, but even she hasn’t noticed it. She traveled to [Earth] with him.

Status Window
Name: Lilya Lykanis Alignment: Black Bixbite
Level: 200/200 EX-Class: Magical
Race: Pixie Gender: Female
Obsidian Pixie – Caring Mother – Engel’s Slave – The Last Schwarzenwolfën
Health: 88,550/88,550
Mana: 75,000/75,000
Attack: 7,000 Agility: 7,000
Intelligence: 60 Defense: 6,500
Hit Probability: 1,000 Luck: 5
Class: Knight/Blademaster Sub-Class: Phalanx/Prayer
Elemental Affinity

Side Characters:

Haven Davis: A member of Engel’s party. She was a former [Holy Eraser] memeber. Has a slight crush on Engel and traveled with him to [Earth].

Cale Dafe (15 years old, Female):Member of Engel’s party. A [Raubtier] that had no place to belong and found one by Engel’s side. She went to [Earth] with him.

Alize Krystalmoff (17 years old, Female): Mostly known as [Röskva Sturm], is an [Arche] that belongs to Engel’s party. Has a secret crush on him. She hesitated when the offer of going with Engel to [Earth] presented, but she accepted.

Patricia Strike (17 years old, Female): Alan’s older sister and a member of Engel’s party. She was the former leader of [Zaphire Sky].

Albrikt Blau-Himmel (16 years old, Female): A member of Engel’s party and possesor of a [Demonic Eye]. Has a handsome face. She’s glued to Engel like Blair is.

Akio Aoi (16 years old, Male): Kyoka’s twin brother and former member of [Zaphire Sky] and now member of Engel’s party.

Kyoka Aoi (16 years old, Female): Akio’s twin sister. Is part of Engel’s party and has some attraction to the actual Engel. She already had some attraction to the former one.

Blair Asterisk (16 years old, Female): Member of Engel’s party. She was against him in every aspect until [Zaphire Sky] and [Black Bixbite] melded. Now she’s glued to him like best friends.

Izane Foxyn (418 years old, Female): Former member of [Zaphire Sky] and former [Raubtier] as Lilya. She serves as a maid for Patricia, but she’s really dumb in those things.

Brookelle Archer: A hardcore fan of Engel. She’s one-sidedly loves him and is obsessed with him. The reclaimed his second time. She had met Engel once when he was weak and once in [Earth].

Leslie Elain:  An elf girl who managed the [Seventh Art Inn], single since born and a little obssesive with love. She reclaimed Engel’s first time with her majesty Hyouka Byakuya and Yozora. She traveled to [Earth] with Engel.

Markus Weiss: Engel’s male friend in [The Tournament]. Has a genius like sense of fashion and is part of [Azure Tree]. He lives in the same city Engel is from.

Adrian Acrlight: Engel’s self-proclaiming and half-considered best friend. He helped him realize he was in the wrong with the girls.

Schenee Falsch: Homunculi created by the [Life Stone Zero], Engel’s and Yozora’s energy samples.

Weiss Falsh-Lykanis: Homunculi created by the [Life Stone Zero-Ichi], Engel’s and Lilya’s energy samples. She’s Schwartz’ twin.

Schwartz Falsh-Lycanis: Homunculi created by the [Life Stone Zero-Ichi], Engel’s and Lilya’s energy samples. She’s Weiss’ twin.

Mikaela Falsh: Homunculi created by the [Life Stone Zero-Ni], Engel’s and Krestin’s energy samples.

Ileana Roza: A [Veränderten] created for the sake of working for [Utgarda-Loki]. Now she is with Engel’s party. Her name was given by engel, as well as for the other children.

Seara Weise: Former [Cursed Devil Dragon Aktycon] Because her strong will became Engel’s [Pixie].

Avalon Weise: Fomer [Cursed Divine Dragon Itycon]. Became Engel’s [Pixie] too.

Icy Lake: Lene’s Party. Conformed by Sarah Linna, Corbin Olivier, Abraham Kalfas, Jessica Shirley, Elena Cuéllar and the [Pixie] Randolph Royce.

Crimson Lava: Brunnhildr’s Party. It’s members are Eita Ryuugamine, Sandra Émuete, Alan Strike, Daniel Kyle and Karen Leonas.

Azure Tree: Brookelle’s party, conformed of Maria Cole-Rightroad, Georg Ocean, Lauren Crossfield, Suzuna Hyoudo, Aika Ikazuchi and the [Pixie] Tabitha Arktic.

Mountain Destroyer: Isold’s Party. It only consists of girls and their leader is Michelle Williams. The other members are: Carla Da Silva, Natalie Heather, Savannah St. Cloude and Zarah St. Cloude.

Steel Fist: Izaak’s Party. Confomed of Alex Serpas, Johan Grande, Cristina Reed, Crista Rile, and the party leader, Liliana Payne.

Golden Forest: Krestin’s Party. Their members are: Phillip Brien, Markus Weiss, Jane Salte, Olivia Light and the [Automata] Aura Zweite.

Alexandra Cole (17 and unlimited months years old, Female): [Game Master] of [The Tournament]. Long time ago was known as the nemesis of the [Demon Empress], The [Asteroid Magician] and the once wielder of [Zeus’s Lightning].

[Quarta]: Artificial Intelligence monitoring [The Tournament].

Aleksandra Götze: A [Maschine Leiter] with the [Title] of [Archangel Camael]. Overshadowed by her pride, she challenged Engel to a 1 vs 1 and lost. She became the manager of his party.

Elizabeth Longriver: The [Maschine Leiter] that lost against Lene. She called herself [Untouchable Empress] and could not accept that Lene had the same tittle.

Helena Salvatore: An honorable [Leiter] who lost against the talent, strenght and skill of Krestin.

Clive Smith: The [Leiter] who fell in love with Isold after he lost.

Bell Kyte: A [Hälfte], and a [Maschine Leiter]. She fought agains Izaak and lost. She enraged him saying that Engel was better than him.

Ishil Falsch: Engel’s mother and Principal of [Camellia Academy].

Valeriya Wriklich: Engel’s step-sister. She’s a closet pervert and likes Engel. She’s the comprehensive type.

Alke Asche: Engel’s chilhood friend and the Representative Student of the Craft Work Section in [Camellia Academy]. She attended the middle school branch.

John Doe: Alke’s best friend. A high-level [Participant] of [The Tournament]. He came back to [Earth] dejected because he understood the difference in power between the [Five Gods Of War] and him.

The Five Gods Of War: The popular name people gave to Engel, Lene, Krestin, Isold and Izaak’s group.

Flora Rosis: Friend of Engel since many years and an pastry idiot. She becomes yandere if lack of Engel’s company by at least one month. A very hardcore one.

Ekaterina Rhodes: The genius current president of [Schwan Enterprises]. Owes Engel a big favor because he healed her sister.

Rachel Solar: Is the assistant of Camellia Academy’s Principal. She’s single and fond of young man.

Ishild Falsch: Engels mother and the Principal of [Camellia Academy]. She has a slight Jcasta complex on him.

Alicia Wirklich: Valeriya’s mom and the Falsch siblings’ step-mom.

Alex Cross: [Coordinator] of [S-Class] in [Camellia Academy].

Engel’s Crew: Consists of Cale Dafe, Ileana Roza, Claudia Rhodes, Honoka Tennouji, Anastasiya Romanov, Danielle Glass, Erika Elven, Sophia Knight and Serena Archer.



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