Elementals: Crystal Garden

By Aleksander Alcalá

Werewolves, vampires, witches, elves, fairies, youkai, etc…

This world is filled with such creatures and people. This is the world where everything is possible.

Laurent St. Cloude, a High School sophomore who lives with his sister and foster parent is one of such creatures.

He is an [Elemental].

Due to his sister’s death wish, he lives peacefully while protecting his little sister, Aliza, from the supernatural.

Unfortunately, he is being chased again by the ones who killed his biological parents and his older sister; the [Night Predators]. They are an organisation seeking to annihilate the supernatural creatures out of belief, self-satisfaction or even revenge.

What awaits Lauren in his fight against these hunters, only fate knows.


00 – Intel//World Clock
01 – Life//Plus
02 – Life//Rejection
03 – Life//Search


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