Type: Hybrid

Type: Hybrid

By Aleksander Alcalá

A World in war. The super-potence called [Empire] was planing to conquer New York City where the rebels called [Architecture] were hiding.

While the [Empire] tried a certain experiment, this failed, killing thousands of lives. Among them, there was a man with the failed mission of boicoting the experiment. The captain André Glass.

Then, someone picked him, a god, and gave him a second chance with a promissory note.

The guy that named himself [Triania God] gave him the oportunity to move forward; and André Glass took it.


Volume One:
[Reing Of The Dragons Arc]
Prologue: Gift
Chapter One: Go back to zero
Chapter Two: The mission
Chapter Three: Encounters
Chapter Four: Coincidence
Chanter Five: Abduction


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