Magical Tournament Volume Seven Chapter Nine: Zaun (Fence) – Reasoning and Impulse

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Chapter Nine: Zaun (Fence) – Reasoning and Impulse



Magical Tournament Special Transmission: Character Index [Catorce] – Second Half

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Passive Skills are always active. Active Skills need to be activated.

Levels go from 1-10 (Max). Passive/Active means it has both functions.

There are 5 kinds of known skills. Learned, Original, Deus, Yotse and Blessed.

Every skill goes from 4th Tier to Zero Tier. Zero being the most powerful.


Accessories and Weaponry goes from [High], [Rare], [Legend] and [Unique]. Sometimes they reach the [Ultimate] level, and when Engel modified his [Ultimate] weaponry, this became [Trascendental], a “new” clasification.

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Magical Tournament Fouteeenth Intermission: Résultat (Result) – What’s truly inside you

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Fouteeenth Intermission: Résultat (Result) – What’s truly inside you