Magical Tournament [Codex]

Magical Tournament [Codex]

This is a “Dictionary” of the unusual, rare, unknown and not-so-much-known terms used in the Fiction [Magical Tournament].

Post Data: This is in order of appereance of terms rather than alphabetic order or priority order.

(May contain spoilers)

(The currency will be dealt with later)


– Rise Of The Black Swan Tournament:

Reffered to as “The Tournament”, is the most popular sport in the world. It was created to entertain the now peaceful world. Because sports as soccer, basketball, american football, tennis and the like were not enough.

It is divided in [Three Parts]; [The Secretive First Part], [The Known Second Part] and [The Conclusive Third Part].

Except [The Secretive First Part], all the [Rise Of The Black Swan Tournament] is broadcasted all over the world.

In it participates people from all over the world not caring about gender, race, social standing and religion. You can apply from the ages of late 14 to late 16. In some exceptions, the early 17.

– Camellia Academy:

Is the high school where all the participants, except the ones who whitdrawed midway and the disqualified ones. A high level curriculum is held to fill the gap of the time the participants spend in [The Known Second Part] and [The Conclusive Third Part]. The only one year the participants do not attend the tournament is in their Second Year of Highschool.

It also has a Branch Middle School, only for third years, so they can learn blacksmithing, alchemy, chemistry, physics, have athletic activity and also craftsmanship. They can only attend this branch if they promise to throw away they right to participate in the [Rise Of The Black Swan Tournament].

– Schwan Enterprises:

It’s the enterprise that created, manages and sponsors the [Rise Of The Black Swan Tournament]. It is also an associate of [Camellia Academy].

– Registered Person:

A person that has applied for the [Rise Of The Black Swan Tournament].

– Participant:

A person that has been selected to participate in the [Rise Of The Black Swan Tournament] admist all of the [Registered People].

– Legendary Ringtone:

Parody of “Dragon Ball Z” Anime Opening Theme.

– Crest Plaza:

A [Plaza] with unknown ubication where the [Participants] appeared for the first time. It is rumored that is a separate dimension from [Earth] and [Bereich].


Name bestowed to the [Participants] that attend [The Secretive First Part]’s [First Stage].

– Game Master:

Is the person that manages all the process of [The Secretive First Part]. This person has the absolute authority in this stage of the tournament.

– Rules:

Are the rules given to the [Participants] from the creators of this sport.

– Directions:

Because in the wholesome of the [Rise Of The Back Swan Tournament] there are no rules about anything, these directions that periodically change are the “rules” given by the [Game Master].

– Magic:

It’s the supernatural habilities granted to the [Participants] by [Schwan Enterprises] so they can use them in the [The Tournament]. They were created years ago by said enterprise’s researchers. The depths of this research are unknown. The only thing know is that it gives [Magic] and other status to people.


Created along with [Magic], they are meant to be used in the tournament. They can be separated in two classes: [Magic Skills] and [Physical Skills].

– Avatar:

It’s an [Multidimensional Layer Black Box] created with [Magic] to store the real bodies of the [Participants]. This is to make sure they are in a safe environment. They are mantained in a separate [Pocket Dimension]. It’s a substitute body that can muster some minor changed, but does not grow. This is that, even if a [Participant] accidentaly dies, he will “revive”.

– Plaza:

In the tournament, if you ever “die”, this is the place where you revive. It is a circular park with a big central structure that looked where an orquesta plays, but with walls. Inside it had 15 lined king size beds in a circle.

– Flag:

Is an artifact that is used so the person who “dies”, revives not in a [Plaza] but in a designed point.

– Menu:

An holographic 3d window tha appeares of thin air and only is shown to the [Participant]. It It has many sections and the number depends of said user. These are: [World Map], [Status Window], [Equipment Window], [Ability’s Slot], [General Directions] and [Quarta’s Question Corner].

– Bereich:

A world of a parallel dimension where the [Rise Of The Black Swan] is held. The inhabitants of this world can use [Magic] and [Skills] since birth and also have the [Menu].

There are 5 continents in the globe . The biggest with the size of Eurasia and the smallest with the size of Canada. Inside the 5 of them, there are 9 countries that govern in a world alliance, and also govern over other satellite countries.

These 9 principal countries are: [Hermes], [Aphrodite], [Ío] that are inside [Énas]. [Ares], [Zeus] inside [Dyo], [Hades] that cover the whole [Tría], [Poseidon] too covers the whole [Téssera], [Prometheus] and [Gaia] into [Pénte].

– Camellia Auto Translator:

It is an automatic tranlsator that “translates” the words and letters of all the languages in [Bereich]. It also works so the people of [Bereich] can understand you; And needless to say, it also translated the [Earth]’s languages.

– Cornucopia:

A place in all [Bereich]. The participants were teleported to this various [Cornucopia] where they would get suvirval equipment, weapons and food; also a little money.

– Tournament Start:

The slang used by the [Participants] to refer about the beggining of [The Secretive First Part].

– Cornucopia’s Beast Banquet:

Because all the participants in the [Cornucopias] in a [Bereich] were suddenly attacked by [Magical Beasts], the events of that day and pace are known as [Cornuopia’s Beast Banquet].

– Unreachable Room:

Place where the [Game Master] monitores [The Secretive First Part].

– Party:

A group of 6 or more [Participants].

– Magical Beast:

Differtent from a [Monster], a magical beast is a being that is drunk in [Mana]. It originates from a normal animal that is transformed by this [Drunkness].

– Monster:

It’s a magical being already born with such characteristics, different from a [Magical Beast] that becomes one.

– Mana:

Is the [Magic Power] in other words. Is the base of the [Magic] and [Skills]. It circulates in the air as [Mana Particles].

– Health Points:

These are the numeric value of your life. If you run out of them you “die”. Or at least you [Avatar] becomes ashes and rou “revive” in a [Plaza].

– Race:

Is the race of the people in [Bereich]. They are: The [Personen] or human race, the [Raubtier] or beastmen race, the [Hälfte] or demi-human race, the [Dämon] or demon race, the [Arche] or angels, and the [Mythe] or myth race. E.g: [Raubtier] = dog-eared people. [Hälfte] = elves.

– Adventurer’s Guild:

A massive corporation that employs [Adventurers] and gives them [Quests] for money.

– Adventurer:

Person who works for the guild.

– Quest:

[Participants] with the objective of win money, they can freely take [Quests] from the [Adventurer’s Guild]. But they are only can take them up to [B-Class Rank Quests]. They are from “E” to “SSS” [Quests].

– Raid:

They are [Quests] that need to be done by 3 or more [Parties].

– Kerker:

Most commonly known as [Dungeon], it’s the place that the [Participants] of [The Tournament] need to [Challenge] and [Conquer] so they can pass to the [Second Stage] out of three stages. The [Kerker] has a sistem where monsters are artificially created. These monsters attack the participants and they must beat them along the way to the [Boss Room]. These monsters gradually go up in level as you descent in the [Kerker].

It also provides top tier healing magic so the killed or severly injured [Bosses] do not die.

The [Kerker] is a dungeon with 11 levels to challenge, butit also has other places so the people with the duty to protect it can live there.

There were blacksmithing areas, scientifical areas, residential area, correctional area, training areas and entertainment areas and they were underground separated from the challenge areas.

These [Kerker] do not appear in the [World Map] of the [Menu]

– Stats:

Is a numerical level of a [Participant] strenght; as well as for the innate people of [Bereich]. They are displayed in the [Menu]’s [Status Window].

– Händler:

Is a person hired by the goverment of any country and by [Schwan Enterprises] to give information about the locations of the [Kerker].

– Appraisal:

A [Skill] obtained by nature of learning it. It can give you the name of a certain object (or person) and a brief description of it; but if the artifact or person is too high level for you, you’ll only be able to see it’s name.

– Skyfall Tear:

A piece of the legendary [Skyfall Sea Of Tears]. It can give special stats to those who ingest it.

– Potions

These [Potions] work to recover yourself before, during and after a battle. They are doppings. They work to recover [Mana], [Health Points], [Abnormal Status] and [Stamina]. For [Mana] there are: [Elemental Full Recovery], [Elemental Recovey] and [Mana Recovery]. For [Stamina] are: [Stamina Overburst] and [Stamina Filler]. For [Health Points] are: [Overheal], [Full Heal] and [Heal]. And for [Abnormal Status] there are [Detoxical], [Overcure] and [Calm].

– Abnormal Status:

This is a state when you are paralized, poisioned or intoxicated.

– Magic Tree:

Is a representative image of the classes and elements of [Magic]. They are divided in [Eight Classes]: [Water Element], [Fire Element], [Air Element], [Earth Element], [Lightning Element], [Divine Element], [Devil Element] and [Antimagic].

In this [Magic Tree] there are only some basic spells for everyone. The other spells need to be discovred by yourself. If by luck you create a new [Magic Spell], you can name it.

These are categorized as [Begginer], [Intermediate] and [Advanced] [Magic] and as [Low], [Medium] and [High Level] [Spells], and it takes in count the concentration you need to muster in the casting as the classification.

You need a chant to create said spells, but if you are a [Magical EX-Class] you do not need to chant.

If your [Element Affinity] affords it, and you meld two or three [Magic Classes] together, you can get an [Special Element Magic]. E.g: [Wind Element] + [Water Element] = [Ice Element].

– Chant:

A sort of bunch of words that together allows you to use [Magic].

– EX-Class:

These are [Stats] based in your innate talent. They are classified as [Magical], [Power] and [Tactical]. The norm is to have only one.

– Class:

These are the ones you choose while you take in acount your innate talents and bestow you of some [Skills]. They are: [Knight], [Assasin], [Martial Artist], [Blademaster], [Magician] and [Aid].

– Sub-Class:

These are [Classes] that gives you bonus [Stats] or [Skills]. They are classified as: [Hunter], [Blacksmith], [Alchemist], [Phalanx], [Samurai], [Blade Dancer], [Caster], [Prayer], [Wizard], [Lancer], [Rouge Artist] and [Monk].

– Quarta:

She is the [Artificial Intelligence] created to survey the [Participants] and aid the [Game Master].

– White Mythirl:

A special metal alloyance made by high-level blacksmithing and alchemy. It conduces very well the magic inside it.

– Holy Eraser:

The necessary organization in [Bereich] that maked evildoes as gooddoes as well. They recieve orders from the [Divinities]

– Divinities:

They’re are [Half Spirits]. Not belonging to a any race, they rule over the world and every one of them has their piece of it. There are a lot of them. They have three ways of born. To be a son of two [Divinities]; Be a son of a [Divinity] and another race, and to die and by natural laws of the world, become a [Divinity].

Their names are titles given by the prevous rulers with those names. As any other living being, we do have a life span too. So when the time to rule of a [Divinity] ends, his [Title] is given to another befitting person. These [Titles] are very simmilar to the names of [Gods], [Kings], [Queens], [Half-Gods] and [Heroes] form [Earth]’s old tales and mythology.

Even so, these people have their own names too.

– Transfer Gate:

It is a special place when mana gathers and you can use it to teleport to a certain predefined location.

– Item Box:

An artifact you can use to save lots of things. There, anything ages nor withers, it mantains the state of when you put it inside. It is a bracelet that will fuse with your body. This artifact has a limited space of 1 square km. You can store anything besides complex living things. It creates a section on your [Menu] called [Item Box] where you can check everthing you have and how much of it.

– Pixie:

A extinct race of [Bereich]. They used to have fairy-like wings and 10cm in height. Now there are only 14 of them, and they are [Artificial Pixies].

– Artifacts:

They are things created long ago with [Arcana Magic] or other means. They are classified as: [High], [Rare], [Leyend] and [Unique]. There are people that had researched them and reproduced [High Level Artifacts] with normal magic. E.g: Item Box.

There’s said to be a higher classification than [Unique], named [Ultimate] only told in legends.

– Arcana Magic:

This kind of magic is an unknown special magic. It’s said that represents the soul of the user of this magic.

– Spirit Magic:

This kind of magic can be used only by [Pixies] and people who has a contract with one of them.

– Demonic Eye:

Also known as [Damonisch Auge]; it give an special ability related with the sight of the user. They shine with the color of the aura from its user.

– Angelic Eye:

Also known as [Engelhaft Auge]; it gives an special ability related with the body of the user. They shine with the color of the aura from its user (and sometimes the sight).

– Chick:

It’s the name of the [Participants] that were able to pass to the [Second Stage] of [The Secretive First Part] of [The Tournament].

– Meteorite:

A kind of metal with special magical properties. It is divided as [Blue Meteorite] that has [Devil Element Trait], [Red Meteorite] that has [Antimagic Trait] and the very special [Yellow Meteorite] that has a kind of enzime that is lethal for dragons; The so-called [Dragon Slayer Trait].

– Black Orihalcum:

A special metal alloyance made by high-level blacksmithing and alchemy. It conduces very well the magic inside it.

– Asteroid Ore:

An special [Ore] known as the hardest in the world. Used to make resitant constructions. And the great advantage is that it is high in quantity.

– Veränderten:

It’s a new type of modified human. There are only 20 of then in existence. It is said that it does not matter if it is boy or girl, if that person has children, 3 out of 5 will be modified humans. Even if they copulate with any other [Race].

– Homunculi:

A created human by special artifacts and energy samples.

– Pseudo-Automatas:

The most simmilar beings in [Bereich] to robots. They follow simple orders until anything else is ordered.

– Automatized Tactical Machine Doll:

Or known as [Automata], is an Artifial Intelligence created with [Magic]. It has a body really simmilar to that of a human an usually has no emotions whatsoever.

– Yotse:

A antique race that ruled the world in ancient times and creators of many [Artifacts]. They wielded [Arcana Magic]. They were slayed by dragons and [Divinities].

– Yotse Skill:

It’s a inherited [Skill] that you obtain when you reach [Level 100] in your [Stats]. They are classified as: [Passive] and [Active]. Also in both, they are classified as [Fourth Tier], [Third Tier], [Second Tier], [First Tier] and [Zero Tier], being the former, the highest classification.


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