Chronicles Of Adrian Weiss Chapter 2 – Part 1: Incoming Sisters

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Episodio 2 – Capítulo 2: Hermanas Recién Llegadas

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-Mientras Elsie se presentaba en la Clase A, Irina lo hacía en la Clase S por la misma razón. Irina es, además de muy respetuosa, dedicada y disciplinada… Es alguien muy estricta. Todo lo contrario de Elsie que es un poco despistada, relajada y despreocupada. Las cualidades de Irina sólo se comparan con su atractivo. Ella tiene el cabello de igual tamaño que el de Elsie, pero lo mantiene atado de una forma un poco desordenada, pero con estilo. Dejaba caer un par de mechones a cada lado y tenía dos trenzas. Una haciendo el papel de una diadema y la otra estaba al final del fleco en su frente, que se inclinaba hacia la derecha. Su peinado encajaba correctamente con el color negro de su cabello y su consistencia ondulada. Sus ojos café-nuez muy brillantes se realzan con el blanco color de su piel y en su hermoso rostro se marcaba una expresión de seriedad- Continue reading


Magical Tournament Volume Four Chapter Two: Lernen (Learn) – Talent and hardwork

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Teil Ein.

[Zerya’s POV]

(Wha-Wha-Wha-WHAT WAS THAT??!!!

He… He casted that… That [Fireball] he called it! And with no chant! and he made several of them! And-And….  They were big! Was it really fire?!! Was it [Passion]!? They shone in various colors!! Also…. Also…. He did it effortlessly! Even I as the strongest magician in the kingdom, called genius, would not be able to do that!!!)

This…. He…. This… He…..

He is increthible…. This is incredible…

A-At the beggining I thought that the way he named himself and his friends as [Gods] was presumptuous and disrespectful towards our king…. But now I see; they… are truly gods.

Then he suddenly vanished his [Fireballs].

It seems he can control his magic at thought.

“Impressed?” Said the god of war with a serious expression but with a slightly satisfied tone. Continue reading

Magical Tournament Volume Four Chapter One: Riss (Rift) – Try and error

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So, in the next prologue will be a “continuation” of sort.

Oh! Also after the end of the story of Yozora’s past, there will be the beggining of Krestin’s past. There’s a lot that I haven’t said about her. I hope you expect it!

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Chapter One: Riss (Rift) – Try and error

Teil Ein.

“ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! – FIVE! SIX! – SEVEN! EIGHT! Let’s go again!” Instructed a blue-haired girl.

*Cling* *Cling* *Cling*

“SWING IT WITH ALL YOU’VE GOT!!!” Shouted a tall, short haired guy.

“So, the law of conservation of mass, that I taught you yesterday, is not taken in account when you use the full potential of the magic particles in the atmosphere. When you reach certain level, you will be able to creat earth out of thin air.”

Said a slender girl with a black hair and bob style evenly cut.

“Run. Stamina needed. This help to be stronger.” Explained a tall girl with ponytail, blunt bangs and traces of white in her hair.

“Well then, this is for the ones that already understood all the theory. So now, for begginers, let’s breath. Feel everything around you. The air, the odors, the sun… Feel relaxed. Hey! Come on! Throw those things! Those wands or whatever. You don’t need them right now. Then, sit down and relax. You need to focus in yourself and in what is around you. That’s the key. It may sound lame but that’s how the thing goes.”

This time a white-haired guy was giving a lecture. Continue reading

Magical Tournament Volume Four Prologue: Spass (Fun) – What everybody didn’t want to know

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Prologue: Spass (Fun) – What everybody didn’t want to know

Teil Ein.

Alek Asche.

Engel’s chilhood friend; or something like that.

She’s one of the representatives of the [Craft Work Section].

And since Engel started to assit to [Camellia Academy] she has been avoiding him with all her might. She did not wanted to see him.

That’s because the past they shared.

This, happened the day Yozora and the other girls went to buy Engel’s presents.

He was stolling after his lunch as always, then-

“Engel? How you doing?!” Shouted someone.

It was John Doe. Continue reading

Type: Hybrid – Prologue: Gift

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A World in war. The super-potence called [Empire] was planing to conquer New York City where the rebels called [Architecture] were hiding.

While the [Empire] tried a certain experiment, this failed, killing thousands of lives. Among them, there was a man with the failed mission of boicoting the experiment. The captain André Glass.

Then, someone picked him, a god, and gave him a second chance with a promissory note.

The guy that named himself [Triania God] gave him the oportunity to move forward; and André Glass took it.

Prologue: Gift

Part One:


Date: Thursday/XX/XX/XXXX

To: Classifed.

From: Classified.

Subject: New Phase.

Project: State of F.A.U.X..

Since ancient times, people has pursued the idea of humans doing things a normal human can’t.

Breath underwater, fly through the sky without wings, run faster than a vehicle, etcétera, etcétera…. Etcétera.

Demi-gods, beasts, creatures… Myths.

Everything started there.

This project was created by our nation and developed until satisfactory results by the best scientist in our country.

The name of our honorable researchers are:

Alex Ferrer

Klein Acott

Alicia Uber

Claudia Xander

to give thanks to these people that made our objectives true, we gave their acronimm to the project.


As to explain the project, is needed to talk about what we know as human limits.

Whitin the variants of the human body, there are different limits in our bodies. All of themcreated by various factors in our lives. How fast we run, how high we jump, how far we can see. Every human have different limits in their bodies.

With the State of F.A.U.X, we can rewrite those limits to a certain extent.

Besides various other little aspects of the body, the mayor changes we can do, or better said, we are limited to, are things like [Speed], [Strenght] and [Stamina].

Depending on various quirks from the test subjects, they are divided in three aspects:

Demon: Test subjects with the most strenght of the subjects.

Angel: Test subjects with the greaest speed of the subjects.

Phoenix: Test subjects with the most stamina.

We can’t go on details, but we can surely say that our objective has been achieved.

Long life to the new [Empire].

Part Two.

“Is it ready?”

[Just one more minute]

“Hurry; We can’t let them actvate the reactor. Whether it is a success or a failure, is a great threat to us.”

[Alright captain. We’re on the move now.]

“Okay, let’s go.”

A man and a woman were talking by coded radios, lurking in the shadows.

They were in the the place formerly known as [Ellis Island], or [Liberty Island].

Were the [Statue Of Liberty] was suposed to be, now there was the symbol of the vanity created by the [Empire].

A cold fusion reactor.

A dam of energy for all the state. It was twice as high as the former structure in there.

A base was built around it and was strongly secured by [Demons] and [Angels] wielding special weaponery.

Then, a door opened.

It was made by the woman talking in the radio. She had already assasinated two [Demons] guarding a door with a strong security, cracked it and then opened the 50cm steel thick door.

It was a strange blind point in the security.

Pobably because of the lack of resources in the [Empire] in this area.

Then, the man in the other side of the radio sprinted with all his strenght towards the door.

He was so fast it left an afterimge.

But they were not alone.

There were other five people with them.

They were sent in a top secret mission to stop the advances of the [Empire].

They were part of the [Architecture], the unofficial name of the resistance in New York City. It was not the only place yet to be dominated by the [Empire], but it was one of the most resistance against it together with St. Petesburg, Berlin, Dubai, the whole country of Lichtenstein and Japan, and the City of Madrid.

Besides many other cells in the world, these are the most influential.

They oppose the [Empire] a monarchy fused with a theocracy that domains the whole world.

It started with economy, then politics and religion; after that, it became the military might.

Now, these people from the [Architecture] were trying to stop the advance of the [Empire] in subduing the cells in New York City.

The invader’s plan was to destroy every source of energy in the place, then create their own energy and, ceasing the functions of the cell and taking the common people to their sides.

Now, these 7 people were here to stop the [Empire] from activating this.

Not only because is a great threat to them, but also because if it fails in activating, it could engulf all the city in a great radioactive explosion. It had happened in India and China already.

So in this very moment, the best team in the [Architecture] was sent to the island.

This seven people were the only thread where the whole city was hanging.

The team’s name was [Nebula].

Part Two.

“This is boring. Why am I here? I’m a genetist, not an engenieer. Even a 10 year old kid can turn this on. Why am I suposed to do it?” Talked to herself the chief investigator of the empire, Karen Uber.

She was a blonde, striking beautiful slender girl with transparent frame glasses and short, wavy hair. She had also steel blue eyes.

“Those stupid burocrats… They knew about the risk in turning on this new model of reactor so they left me here and ran away. I wonder what kind of face they’ll make when they find out that the [Ace] of the [Empire] was left behind. Hahahahaha!” Laughed out loud Karen as she lightly stomped over the one she named the [Ace].

It was an ash-blonde haired guy in the floor.

Currently so drunk that his sharpened senses were of no use now.

“Well, it’s almost midnight so I should get going to the main chamber.” Said Karen as she left her old fashioned cellphone with a five minute alarm.

Part Three

[Nebula] was moving silently along the base, exterminating everyone who was in their way.

They were a great team with a more than the average teamwork.

The one in the vanguard was the woman that opened the door; Zarah Welsh. She was a moderately proportioned girl with wavy black hair and green eyes.

She was assasinating every guy and girl she got in her field of vision.

Without rising any alarm, they advanced to the main chamber to stop the activation of the reactor.

After her, it was a tall and well built woman. She had black hair tied in a ponytail and blue eyes. She was Jyacoba Pietrov and the “tank” of the team.

In any other ocasión she would be in the rear guard or the very front of the formation, but this was an infiltration, so she was not suited for this.

Next to her there was Alanah Weiss and their very captain, named André Glass.

Alanah was overly proportioned girl with light brown hair and red-green eyes.

André was a man with short, dark reddish hair and heterocrhomatic eyes. One of them was black and the other was purple.

They were the so called “all-rounders”.

Behind then, three were taking care of the rear guard.

They were Lauren Olivier, a blonde guy with brown eyes; Kristen Müller, a slender girl with light brown hair and blue eyes, and Pietro Vienna, a dark blonde haired guy with blue eyes.

Then, in less than five minutes, they arrived to the main chamber.

This place was a tall, piramidal salon with tons of valvules and status screens.

In an enormous desktop, there was Karen Uber. In a inhuman, skillful way she was operating the windows in the desktop.

“You there! Stop!” Shouted the captain, André.

“Wha!?” Exclaimed Karen, but not because of André, but because of someone else.

“AARRRRGGHHH!!!” Shouted a guy behind everyone. It was Pietro. He had just been knocked out by a gunshot.

The one who shot was the so called [Ace].

“This was because of my shoes.” Said the [Ace] while recalling previous encounters.

“Aleister?!” Shouted Krestin as Jyacoba suddenly rushed towards the [Ace], named Alister Götze.

Aleister then with the minimal movement, intercepted Jyacoba’s attack. She was wearing very sturdy gauntlets and [Ace] was holding on his swords. They were two sabers. He had interchanged his handgun by a sword in a mere instant. Aleister was barely resisting the pressure. Alanah and Zarah rushed towards him to give him a final blow while he was showing some openings, but-

“Activate [Faux]!” He shouted as then, suddenly his skin strange gyeroglyphic-like, cobalt-blue marks appeared in his skin.

“Damn, he activated his [Faux]!” Shouted André.

Then, Aleister with ease brushed off Jyacoba then kicked her in the gut, leaving her unconsicious; and in the blink of an eye, he intercepted both of Alanah’s and Zarah’s attacks and threw them several meters away.

“Alanah! Zarah! Go to the desktop! Lauren, take Pietro away! I’ll take care of him! Activate [Faux]!” Shouted André too and his hair inked bright silver.

“What are you doing here?” Asked André as he took two of six swords that were hanging in his waist.

“The people that brought me left me behind. I’ve just woke up moments ago, so I decided to have some midnight fun.” Replied Aleister.

“Come on! This is not time to be playing! This is a serious matter!” Said André.

“I know. But that why they are here, right?” Added Alesiter as he pointed André’s companions.

“So you attacked Pietro on purpouse? It had to be like that after all.” Replied André.

“What do you say [Stardust]? Do we finish things here and now? If I’m not wrong, we are 49 to 48 to your side.

“As I said, this is not the moment to be-”

André tried to persuade Aleister but then he noticed something strange in him.

“Shit, [Ace] Are you drunk?”

“That’s not the issue HERE!!!”

Shouted Aleister as he sprinted full force towards André.

(Shit, like that there’s no one who can stop him!!)

André thought as he parried Aleister’s attack.

Aleister then used that recoil to jump back and then hanged of the wall. He had suddenly grabbed one of the metal beams olding the structure.

He then jumped with all his strenght acting like a cannonball and slashing towards André.

Alesiter was using the massive strenght of a [Demon] to do so.

And André was no stupid enought to recieve that attack.

He then with minimal movement and at the last second, looking like he had not dodged at all, he lost the attack.

Aleister then made an acrobatic landing with his shoulder and then rolled in the floor and after drifted a little.

He then jumped again but André dodged again.

That was the superhuman speed he has thanks to being an [Angel].

(Even intoxicated he moves pretty well… But in perfect stated I’d already lost an arm) He thought.

“Sorry but now is not the time… [Unleash]!”

As André said so, his haid shined even more, his eyes shined and his skin developed even technological-like, light blue marks in his skin. His black eye turned green and his purple one shone even more bright in it current color.

“Go sleep.” Said André as he dissapeared from Aleister’s field of vision.


Shouted Aliester as his head was crushed against the floor of the chamber, letting him unconsicious.


Suddenly, the chamber started to violently shake.

No, it was not only the chamber; it was the entire island.

“What the fuck with this shakes?!!” Then shouted someone from the door.

“Wha-?! What are you doing here?!”

Exclaimed André.

“I was sent to help [Nebula], and you really need help!!”

Said the person on the door.

“Damn! Zarah! What happened?!”

“I don’t know! I tried to stop the whole process of the reactor but it’s useless!!”

Said Zarah ash she manipulated the windows.

“What about Uber?” Asked André

“I knocked her out obviously!!”

Shouted Zarah in desperation.

“”WHA?! IDIOOOT!!!”” Shouted in unison the person in the door and André

Zarah ignored them and just skillfuly used the desktop.

Then the shakes started to get stronger.





“Wah?! What happened? The door just suddenly shutted?! What happened Zarah!” Shouted the person near the door.

“I tried with all my might to stop the emergency door but I just… I just.. No… No… NOOOO!!!!”

Said Zarah as fell on her knees while tears dwelled in her eyes.

“I-It’s…. Useless….” She said with an empty voice.

“Sorry…” She said as an enormous white explosion engulfed them.

Part Four.

“As I always said, the most brave heroes have lame deaths… Achiles, Heracles, Lancelot…. I can name many others… Sorry, I can’t.”

“Yeah….. So what the fuck am I doing here?!”

“Calm down Serena, calm down.”

“Shut up André!” Said the person next to him, Serena Bones.

She had real, long silver hair in a ponytail and had hazel eyes.

She had an athletic body and silky white skin. Truly, a beautiful woman.

“So, at the end, what is this place?” Asked André.

“Well, this is my humble home.”

Said the guy in the floor. He didn’t faced them.

The place looked like a japanese 1LDK and had a high-tech computer and a plasma tv. The guy was over som kind of cushions watching tv. He was watching some kind of animated cartoon.

It was anime.

In the place there were tons of photos and also there were lots of cushions, a wooden tea table and a bed.

It was pretty cramped.

The guy had white hair in a ponytail and fair white skin. He was in his early 20’s and didn’t face them.

There was also a black haired maid with glasses sit next to him.

The most striking was that she has wolf ears and a tail.

“Well…. Besides that this is your home… Is something like the purgatory or the path for afterlife or something?”

Asked Serena. She had already calmed down.

“Well… This… Well, for you to understand this….. Let’s ay I’m god. I’m one of the countless gods that are here and there in countless worlds. We have many names an clasifications. I have name too… Oh crap I drifted…. Well, let’s say that this is the real of a god and you’re under my protection. I won’t tell you my name, yet…. So you can call me [Triania God].”

Said the white haired guy, without facing them.

“And…. Why are we here? No…. How and Why?”

Asked André.

“I see, a smart kid. Well, let’s say that my godly powers brought you here. I’m a god after all. And the second, is because I wanted. I have many reasons why, but the main reason is that I’ll use you in future notice.” Said the [Triania God] as he slightly clenched his fist.


Serena and André noticed that. In that moment-

“What Master En-…. Ehem…. I mean, what Master Triania wanted to say is that he felt bad for you and your world, so he saved you.” Said the maid in the room that had remained silent till now.

“Wha?! You didn’t need to say that!” Said the god.

“Sorry.” Said the maid, which expression said that she wasn’t sorry.

“Anyways, don’t think too much about this. Just think about what has just happened as a favor that someday will be paid. One day I’ll summon you and you’ll have to obey me… But that’s another issue in the future.” Said the god while waving his hand.

“So, you made us a favor and in the future you’ll aks retribution?”

“Yeah, yeah. That. Keeping things simple is better.” Replied the god to André’s question.

“So, you saved us, but now what?! You’ll take us back to that hell? And why just us??!!!” Reclaimed Serena.

“Well… Nope, something better.” Said the [Triania God].

“Something better? What do you mean?” Asked André.

“This” Said the god as he snapped his fingers.

Then both of them suddenly dissapeared.

“Do you thing they’ll be okay?” Said the maid.

“I don’t know. When I was summoned I didn’t know either. That’s how life is.” Said the [Triania God].

“I hope Yozora comes back with the potatos soon…”

Said the [Triania God] as he watched his anime.

Part Five.

“UWAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!”

Shouted André as he woke up.

“Ha… Ha… Ha….. A… Dream?” He said to himself.

“…. Eh?” Reacted André as he touced his face.

He felt his sweaty face…..

He was able to feel his face, with his hands, his fingertips.

“…. How?”

This was not mentioned earlier…. But, André Glass had his four limbs severed.

He had passes through many hardships in the past, and the result was the loss of his four limbs, among many other things.

He had replaced them with automatized arms and legs. The arms started from the shoulders and the legs from the upper part of the knees.

He then took out the blanked he had on and checked his lower limbs.

They were there too.

He was not only dumbfounded. He also thought that he had lost reason or that he was dreaming again.

Then, he noticed.

It was morning. The sun shined bright and he was in a quiet, familiar place.

“I-Impossible…. The sun hasn’t shine in 7 years… Things haven’t been so clean in decades…. What is going on in here?”

Thought André as he looked around him.

“What is this place? It feels overly familiar….”

He then started to wander around the room.

There were posters, photos, clothes, toys… And an only bed.


He then realized.

He knew where he was.

He had forgotten it.

He had been there before.

20 years ago.

“This…. Is my room. My room when I was a in highschool.”

Said André as he dumbfoundedly found it everything too real to be a dream.


Then, the cellphone in his bed rang, he quickly ran towards it to reply it.

Even if it was a dream, he was going to follow the game.

He checked the date in the phone, and then found overly strange the name that appeared there.

He then replied.

“Hi?” He said timidly.

“Holy shit André! Is this a dream?! Is this real?! What’s going on?!” Said the person in the other side of the phone.

“Serena…? Well…. It seems…. We’ve been sent to the past.”

He replied in a way that not even himself believed it.

Magical Tournament Volume Three Extra Edition: Title Maker – When there’s no wall

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Type: Hybrid.

Anyways, here’s a gag section of Magical Torunament!

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Extra Edition: Title Maker.

First Meeting.

“This….. This is unnacceptable!!!!” Shouted Izaak.

He was inside a dark, conferences room in a round table.

And he was not alone.


Four other people were laughing with all their strenght. Continue reading