Magical Tournament First Intermission: Fleueve (Stream) – After the fall

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P.S: Main Heroine has not appeared yet. It will take at least 2 more chapters to show up, if not four.

First Intermission: Fleueve (Stream) – After the fall


[Eita’s POV]

(What… the fuck has just happened?…)

In that very moment, my thoughts stopped. I was rejoicing that I got out of such a hard situation, and then listened a weird sound.

It was the sound of Brunn’s [Stone Bullet]. She had hit the traitor, namely Leonidas, in the sides and made him puke. He then started to murmur really dark things and suddenly… Tackled Engel out of the cliff.

Along the way, I could hear Leonidas’ screams but I could not get what he said.  But, when we all ran to see what happened, we saw Leonidas disappearing while falling and Engel getting to the bottom. Continue reading


Magical Tournament Chapter Four: Entschluss (Resolution) – Now who is the damisel in distress?

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Chapter Four: Entschluss (Resolution) – Now who is the damisel in distress?

Teil Ein.

[Engel’s POV]

(These guys are crazy… No, they’re not crazy, they’re hopeless.) I thought while looking some weird guys weirdly dancing around a big fire inside some creepy castle and dressed as the Triple F in that anime where MC is suuuuper idiot.

But anyways… Why am I here in this situation?

Well… It’s being roughly three weeks and a half since I fell from that cliff. That crap of Leonidas though this was Sparta and tackled me like that. If he had not given me those potions, I’d have gone directly to the [Plaza] in [Canasta Village].

But, it seems his plan worked and I did not died in that fall. Also that crap just vanished in the air like that. Did he teleported or did he died? I really don’t know what happened though.

Continue reading

Magical Tournament Chapter Three: Suche (Quest) – Karma is neither your friend nor your foe

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Chapter Three: Suche (Quest) – Karma is neither your friend nor your foe

Teil Ein.

“Sis’, can I go to take care of my personal issues?”

Asked Engel for the third time in the day.

“You may go. But don’t take too much time doing it” Said Brunnhildr while making an unpleasant expression.

(Why do I have to do this?) Asked himself Engel while going downstairs in the Inn to the toilet in the first floor.

Right now, [Crimson Lava] was staying in an inn called [Left Inn] inside [Canasta Village], where all the passerby adventurers and participants stayed.

[Canasta Village] was the nearest populated place near [Ares] border. It’s said that there another village nearby but in [Zeus] called [Delay Village], but that’s another matter. Continue reading

Magical Tournament Chapter Two: Mannschaft (Team) – The one who could not blend in

Author Here! Second chapter… This one took me three days cause last night I had dinner with friends and could not work in it at all… But here it is! Hope you people enjoy it.

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Chapter Two: Mannschaft (Team) – The one who could not blend in

Teil Ein.

[ Engel’s POV]


Why am I the only one in this kind of situation?

Currently, I’m running away from an [Evening Boar], a [Magical Beast] that is native of this world, because they got drunk in magic power. Normal animals gather magic power, or [Mana] naturally, but there are places where the [Mana] quality is too high and thus normal animals mutate and become these [Magical Beasts].

Continue reading

Magical Tournament Chapter One: Spiel (Game) – Welcome to [The Tournament]

Author here! First chaper comes now!

Chapter One: Spiel (Game) – Welcome to [The Tournament]

Teil Ein.

“1. What is The Tournament?

[Rise of The Black Swan Tournament], also referred as [The Tournament], is the most popular sport in the world.

2. What’s the required age I need to register in The Tournament?

14 to 16 years old. Also, no matter what nationality, gender, religion or social status you are. Everyone between the designed age can register in [The Tournament] Continue reading

Magical Tournament Prologue: Erinnerungen (Memories) – Walk towards your future

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P.S: The “Ein, Zwei” thing is my preference. They’re just numbers in German. Do not mind them to much; the just separate parts of the chapter. (Part 1, Part 2, etc)

PPS: The “Ein, Zwei” has been changed to “Teil Ein, Teil Zwei”. (16/Aug/15)

Prologue: Erinnerungen (Memories) – Walk towards your future

Teil Ein.

“Stop! Leave him aloneee!!”

A loud scream could be heard in the little park inside the suburbs of Cinque City. Surrounded by the harmony between nature and progress, this one city was just another one in the peaceful world we live now. Peaceful is not synonym of any trouble, so that’s what we are inquiring now.

“Stop I SAID!!!”

An angry shout could be heard all over the park, but there was no one to listen to it besides the target of the anger inside those words.

The source, a little girl near the swings. The target, 4 boys in the middle of the park, between the slide and the sand box. Continue reading