Elementals Chapter 4: Life//Stabilize

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04 – Chapter 4: Life//Stabilize


(5 enemies with unknown abilities… No- This girl, being a [Kyuuketsuki], I can contain her… But the others are the problem… The one with the bandana is the [Sorceress] but I know nothing of the other 3. The guys seems to be normal, but I feel the paranormal aura from the black haired girl…) Continue reading


Type: Hybrid – Chapter Eight: Give and take

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Chapter Eight: Give and take

Part One.


“Master, stop eating those things. They’re bad for your health.”

“Eh? But I’m immortal! Whatever I eat, my bo-GUHE!!!!”

“I said, stop eating it.”

This was a casual conversation between the [Trianina God] and his maid. Continue reading

Magical Tournament Volume Six Chapter Six: Ungewöhnlich (Unusual) – Comodities are the base of society

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Chapter Six: Ungewöhnlich (Unusual) – Comodities are the base of society

Teil Ein

“I’m boreeeeeeeeed!”

Shouted a girl with monkey ears and light brown hair. She was rolling from left to right due to her intense boredom.

“Relax; They’ll surely come soon.” Voiced a blonde girl with thick frame glasses while reading a book.

They were Char and Trya.

The two looked like 19 year old girls due to they spending time inside the [Ares Hall] training with Engel and co.

“Hewoo… Anuwitwing new?” Continue reading

Elementals Chapter 3: Life//Search

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03 – Chapter 3: Life//Search


“Da-Dark Elf?”

Voiced Carly as she looked Giselle from heads to toe.

“Impressive; It’s my first time meeting a Dark. I’ve met a couple of common [Elves] though.” Said Laurent as he stared in surprise.
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Elementals Chapter 2: Life//Rejection

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02 – Chapter 2: Life//Rejection



Voiced Arlen who noticed Laurent’s reaction.

(This is not normal… Calm down… Calm down…. This reaction is not normal…)

Voiced Laurent in his mind as he calmed down. He looked for the nearest trash bin and there he dropped the now unusable smartphone.

“Calmed down?” Asked Arlen while taking some headphones from his pocket. He used one and gave the other to Laurent. He nodded and then resumed the call.

“Jane, remind me of handing a new cellphone to Laurent…”

Voiced the principal at the other side of the line. Continue reading

Elementals Chapter 1: Life//Plus

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01 – Chapter 1: Life//Plus


It was a simple, normal morning.

People come and go whilst the morning sun rises. Boys and girls from 16 to 18 years old who wore similar clothes walked towards a common place- Their High School.

It was located in the middle of the city. Surrounded by tall buildings, however out of all of them it was the tallest.

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Magical Tournament Volume Six Chapter Five: Gewinde (Thread) – Because three is more than coincidence

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Chapter Five: Gewinde (Thread) – Beause three is more than coincidence

Teil Ein.

“?? What are you doing?” Asked Ange to Liam who was sticking his ear to the door.

“What? Don’t tell me you aren’t curious what our otherworldy versions are talking with Mr. Cole?” Pointed out Liam.

Ange hesistated to answer, but she only sighed.

“I do. I do am curious but I know I shouldn’t pry in it. Besides, it seems that the slender girl… Your female version is as smart as you. She created a vacuum barrier to prevent the sound leaking. Continue reading