Magical Tournament Volume Five Chapter Three: Leugnung (Denial) – Another strength [Part Three]

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Chapter Three: Leugnung (Denial) – Another strength [Part Three]

Teil Ein.

[Izaak’s POV]

“How much  time until the place?” I asked.

“A  week or two at most.” Replied Ferris.

It’s been a month since Engel fucked the teleportation and we arrived here.

At first I safely landed because of the trees, and then these amazon-like women found me and decided I was their [Mate].

When I was in a wooden pillas, a pretty girl with pink ponytailed hair arrived and declared me her property… Continue reading

Magical Tournament Volume Five Chapter Two: Fähigkeit (Ability) – Another strength [Second Part]

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Chapter Two: Fähigkeit (Ability) – Another strength [Second Part]

Teil Ein.

“So then, you’re dismissed.”

“Wait what?!”

“What the hell?!”

“What are you talking about?”

“What do you mean?”


Shouted Crye.

Hauser, Crye, Engel and Isold went back to where the kings had their students and when she arrived, she dismissed them.

But of course they wouldn’t just go away like this.

“Why are you chasing us out!” Voiced a girl. She had black hair in ponytail and green eyes.

“Because we got better students than you!” Said Crye. Continue reading

Magical Tournament Volume Five Chapter One: Lehrer (Master) – Another strength [First Part]

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Chapter One: Lehrer (Master) – Another strength [First Part]

Teil Ein:

[Gargantúa Online]

A MMORPG known in the whole world. The most famous game.

Graphics, storyline, variety, unexpected events, weaponry… ETC

Obtaining 10 of 10 stars, is the most complete game in the Internet.

It’s the versond of the [Tournament] for gamers. Continue reading

Magical Tournament Volume Five Prologue: Ereignis (Event) – Encounters are always unexpected

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Anyways, This is the prologue where I fill it with various flashbacks and past stories, so the next chapter is the true start.

Welcome to [Gargantúa Online Arc]!!

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Prologue: Ereignis (Event) – Encounters are always unexpected

Teil Ein.

This story starts after Engel beat up 20 [Participants] from 2nd year.

He was walking towards his room when-

“?? And who you might be?” He asked.

There was a guy in fron of his door. He had inverted triangle glasses, black hair and bright green eyes. His hair was held only in the upper part and the side bangs fell free.

“Adrian Arclight, nice to meet you.” Said the guy, Adrian as he gavis his hand to Engel.

“No way. That poison there looks painfull so I’ll pass. And if you’re like this I dare to say that those guys from earlier were sent by you, right?”

“Oh, I see; Not even my captain, John Doe knows I hide poisoned darts in my hands, also, it seems I was discovered quite early.” Said Adrian while showing the thin needles in his palm. Continue reading

Magical Tournament Extra Edition: Rule Maker – When there’s no wall again

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PS: Red Side: Big Breats. (Highschool DxD Reference) (Red as in Welsh Dragon)
White Side: Nice asses. (Highschool DxD Reference) (White as in Vanishing Dragon)
Golden Side: Lolis. (Konjiki no Wordmaster Reference) (Golden as in Konjiki)
Kodaka as in Haganai’s Kodaka.

Extra Edition: Rule Maker – When there’s no wall again

First Meeting.


Our main character, Engel Falsch, is currently gagged and tied to a chair.

It’s the same, dark room with the round table.

His companions, the [Gods Of War] were also with him.

Not tied, but watching him.


It’s a punishment.

Our beloved character tried to make everyone drink from Aleksandra’s demonic chamomile tea (Because there was no way he would drink it) and then when Lene discovered his trap, he ended like this.

There were few things that Engel Falsh, the most powerful participant in the whole history of the tournament, was afraid of. Continue reading

Magical Tournament Volume Four Epilogue: Weltraum (Outer Space) – Please only look at me

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Teil Ein.

“You’ve finished to instruct our people and saved our world. What are you going to do now?”

Asked the Knight Instructor to Krestin.

It was night and everyone was having a banquet inside the [Chimera]; then the Instructor suddenly called out to Krestin.

“We’re going back to our world.” She replied.

“Is that possible? I heard from Zerya that there was no way to go back. There’s no record from the [Deus Magic] being able to do so.” Said the Knight Instructor.
Continue reading