Magical Tournament Volume Five Chapter Seven: Nacht (NIght) – Everyday, a normal routine [Third Part]

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Chapter Seven: Nacht (NIght) – Everyday, a normal routine [Third Part]

Teil Ein.

“Now, repeat after me.” Said Lene while in front of Engel with her hands in front of her.

They were in a big, white room.

It had been roughly a week after the dinner, and three days after he gave his “Ok” to Lene so he could help them to exterminate the [Asterisk].

Hi reasons were unknown, because he didn’t have a grudge against the black beasts, neither he was a justice idiot that wanted to ave the world or something like that.

Even so, they accepted him.

And now Lene was training him in how to use his [Magia].

[Magia] is a weapon created by his soul.

A weapon that can fight gainst the [Asterisk] that were the result of residual thoughts and conventional weaponry didn’t work on.
Engel thought of it a little weird and somehow lame to listen about a “weapon created by his soul”, but if it was useful, the concept was nothing to fret about.

Lene said he had talent because is able to take out that weapon. She knew about it because he was able to touch one when he picked up Lene’s sword.

Because these weapons can only be touched by other [Magia] users.

“Pride of my soul, show yourself! [Magia]!”

Lene, who was instructing him, took out her [Magia].

It was a black scythe.

“Pride of my soul! Show youself! [Magia]!”

Shouted Engel. He had spent three days trying to produce his [Magia]. Until now it was going alright. He was able to gather the energy in his hands and also create faint light.

Normally it took years to get to that stage, so with his pace now, by today he should be able to materialize his [Magia].

And as Lene predicted, in Engel’s hands appeared his [Magia].

“Hoo…. Dual wielding then..” Voiced Lene.

Exactly sas she said, there were two black sabres in Engel’s hands.

“I-Incredible….” Said Engel while looking at them.

“[Magia] always come in pairs. Two swords, two gauntlest… Even if I have a scythe, there’s also that shortsword you used.” Explained Lene.

“I see…” Muttered Engel as he examined his [Magia].

The weight and lenght were perfect, as well as the feel he had in the grip.

“So, for starters… How about a spar?” Said Lene while manuvering her scythe.

Engel nodded and both took their stances.


A beep sound was heard in the room.

“Lene, the [Asterisk] have appeared! And they’re a lot!” Shouted Krestin.

There were some speakers in the corners of the room so they both listened to Krestin’s call.

“Alright! Send the coordinates! I’ll arrive there now!”

Replied Lene and then Krestin hung up.

“Seems your first battle is here.” She added and both got out of the room.

As they were going out Lene checked the coordinates.

“Eh?” Then she froze.

“What is it?” Asked Engel.

“Above…. They are above us. In the school.” Said Lene as she resumed her run.

Teil Zwei.

“Damn… Now that we wanted to have a taste of a normal routine….” Cursed Izaak as he looked below.

He had his [Magia] in hand, which is a bow and arrows, and kept shooting [Asterisk] one after another.

He was in the roof of the academy. Incidentally, they had prepared the white room under the gymnasium.

Now, swarms of [Asterisk] were attacking them.

Krestin and Isold were  protecting the remaining students in the campus. It was afternoon and everyone should have gone to their rooms in the dorm, but still there were people practicing with their club.

The [Asterisk] were aiming for those poeple and their duty was to stop such atrocity.

Then Lene and Engel got out of the gymnasium.

They both had a bluethooth comunicater on.

“How’s the situation?” Asked Lene to Izaak.

“Bad! Bad as fuck! They are at least 100!” Said Izaak.

“Damn!… Engel! Let’s go!”

“Right!” Replied Engel to Lene’s statement.

They already had their [Magia] in hand so they attacked head on.

Engel sprinted and slashed at one of them to call their attention.

The [Asterisk] looked at him and bared his fangs.

Engel avoided the bit and with a strong momentum, beheaded the tiger-like [Asterisk].

(Again… I’m feeling this again…) He thought as everything moved in slow motion.

He felt like the world was his. He felt like he was doing soething he was made for.

Like it it was his purpose in life, he slashed, pierced and beheaded various [Asterisk].

He was somewhat versed in tae-kwon-do and with his skills in fencing, it was no problem for him to slay 10 or 20 [Asterisk].

He had killed 15 and as he was going with the next-


All of the [Asterisk] vanished.

Engel, Lene, Isold, Izaak and Krestin moved their gazed towards the snapping sound.

There was a blond man with a lab coat and a nasty smile.

He was [The Scientist].

Teil Drei.

Shirayuki was running around the city.

She had followed the trace of where the [Asterisk] came from but then all of the [Asterisk] disappeared.

“the trace od ashed remains for some minutes…. I need to hurry!” Exclaimed Shirayuki.

She was looking for the lab of [The Scientist], a man that created the tecnology behind the [Asterisk]. Basically, a mad man.

Shirayuki wanted to destroy his lab.

She doubted this one was his only one lab, but even so she wanted to destroy it.

With her [Magia] in hand, a black bo-staff, she ran towards the place all of the points converged.

An abandoned building.

It was a parking building, but what she looked for was below.

There she found an unusual, new and clean door.

It was open, which triggered her curiosity.

She then proceeded to get inside with utmost care.

There were some wide stairs where lots of ash-like traces could be found.

In the stairs, she saw some ash-like traces that belong to the [Asterisk].

Inside it was his stronghold, even if for some reason he were to make vanish all of the [Asterisk] in town, why even the ones that were protecting him?

(The door was open… So, they were killed? By whom?) Said to herself Shirayuki as she walked down the stairs.

She got to the bottom.

There she saw a black sahdow. A person clad in a black robe. You could not notice whether it was male or female.

“Who are you?!” Asked Shirayuki with a fighting position.

Then the person took off the robe’s hood and-

“You are -!!”

Shouted the dumbfounded Shirayuki, but was stopped by the person clac in black who raised the index finger and moved it sideways while smiling to her.

Teil Vier.

(Wha… What is this feeling of fear?!) Tought Engel as he saw [The Scientist]

From the bottom of his heart, as if it were something intrinsecal, he felt fear towards the mand in a lab coat not so far away from him.

“The…. THE SCIENTIST!!!” Shouted Isold as she sprinted towards him and her [Magia]; a pair of black gauntlets.

“Hmph! Naïve!” Shouted [The Scientist] as he defended himself with his [Magia], a black shield. While stopping Isold’s punch, he materialized a one-hand sword in his right and slashed at her.

She moved at the last moment and retreated, but still she was slightly cut in her arm.

“Isold! Stop… Don’t do rash things… He’s still out of our league…” Said Krestin while strongly gripping her [Magia], a black spear.

Then [The Scientist] raised his shield.


Some black arrows clashed in his shield.

“Izaak! You too stop!” Added Krestin.

The only one quite tranquil was Lene.

“Wh-Who is him…” Said Engel while trembling.”

“He… He’s [The Scientist]. His name and nationality are unknown, but he is the father of the technology that creates [Asterisk], as well as the posibilitiy of people being able to wield [Magia].” Said Lene with a somewhat sorrowful expression.

“I-I see. But why is the one pulling the strings here?” Asked Engel.

“I’ll answer to that cute cuestion, newbie!” Shouted [The Scientist]. It seems he had heard their exchange of words.

“I came here to watch over my cute lab rats… meaning- You!!!” Shouted [The Scientist].

“What?” Voiced, as well as Isold, Izaak and Krestin.

Lene was the only who didn’t react.

“Lab rats? you?!” Shouted then Engel who didn’t get anything at all.

“What does he mean, Lene?” Asked then Engel.

“Well… That… It means just as you heard…. We are his lab rats.” Voiced Lene.

“What? So you are accompliced with him?!” Exclaimed Engel.

“Of course not… What he means is something else…” Said Lene.

Engel was questioning because he didn’t know a bit about what [The Scientist] said.

Krestin and co, after a while understood those words, so they just stayed silent.

“Go on, talk! I won’t do nothing right now, hahahaha!” Said [Ths Scientist], which clearly irritated Lene.

“Well… He means that we are his lab rats… Because he had experimented with us.

We are genetically modified people he experimented with.” Said Lene with a downcast expression and sadness in her eyes.

“Yo-You are…. Experiments…?” Voiced Engel quite shocked. It’s not that they were a whole-life friends… But it was something he didn’t expect.

“Yes… But… I said “We”, nos as in “Us”, but as in “You and Us”….” Said Lene timidly.

“Wha-What are you saying Lene?” Asked Engel.

“That you too are one of the experiments.. One of us…” Replied Lene.

“That’s right my boy!! You are the only one successful experiment at the 100% of capacity!-

The Experiment I’m most proud of! ENGEL!!!!”

After [The Scientist] words, in a mere instant lots of memories flowed in Engel’s head.

As if a cut was opened in his mind, all of the horrible experiments he had been done flowed in his mind.

“AH-Ah-AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Shouted Engel as he held his head in pain.

He now recalled everything.

Then he puked with a pale face.

“I-I…. I am an experiment…” Was the only thing he mutered as Lene shed a tear.

Teil Fünf.

“……. I… I don’t know what to say…”

Voiced Shirayuki.

Izaak, Lene, Krestin and Isold had gotten out of Engel’s [Kerker Memory].

“True… He never told you about this part of his past, right?.” Said Lene as if forcing her words out.

Krestin wasn’t in position to talk and Izaak had his throat sore from the almost constant puking.

Isold was silent but with her expresionless face, who knew what she was thinking about.

“So… The one who at the end saved him was… That Yozora woman?” Asked Shirayuki after a while.

They had walked quite a long time by now.



Lene, Isold and Krestin felt something in their chests.

It was a strange sensation. Then the three moved their gazes towards one point in specific.

A black sphere was there.

Isold touched it and they were sucked in again.

“??… A Lab?” Voiced Krestin.

Everyone besides Shirayuki recognized the kinfd place they were.

It was a place with various papers over all the place and some weird tubes with chemicals. The walls had something like windows but they were tarnished.

As they walked, they heard something behind them. There was faint light but when the sound echoed, the lights turned on.

It was people heading their way.

Because it was a memory, they didn’t move.


“Okay, Ms. Alexandra Cole. The experiments on you thus far are excellent. It seems you regained your youth, as well as gained the ability to [Break The Balance].” Said a man with long black hair and black eyes.

He seemed somewhat familiar to them.

Also they found extrange Ms. Cole was in Engel’s memories in such situation.

“Any side effects?” Asked Ms. Cole.

“Not at the moment. The [Dragon Blood] seems to be okay with you, but because of your special genetic material. It’s good for you to use contact lenses and a wig to hide you [Genesis de Alexandria] at the moment.” Said the black haired man.

“I know. Well, and how’s the second run of test subjects going? Mr. Deere wants a report of it.” Asked Ms. Cole.

“Well, for that you must ask Mr. Archer and Mr and Ms. Ähnlich.” Said the black haired man.

“Oh, there they come” He added as Ms. Cole turned around.

Isold got surprised because she heard her last name, as well as Lene who recognized the [Archer] surname; Because is Brookelle’s.

Then they too turned around and they saw Isold’s parents, as well as a man with black hair and deep blue eyes.

“Good day, Ms. Cole, Mr. Falsch.” Said Mr. Archer.

Everyone widened their eyes to what Mr. Archer said, becaue it seems the black-eyed, black haired man is Engel’s dad. Everyone except Shirayuki recognized now the resemblance between he and Brunnhildr.

Strangely enough for that situation, Mr and Ms Ähnlich were covered in vandages and patches.

“You come at the right time. Ms. Cole was asking about the status of the other 5 test subject who were infused with [Dragon Blood].” Said Mr. Falsh.

“I see, then I must say it’s quite variant.” Replied Mr. Archer as he took out a handout from a case he had in his hands.

“Let’s see… Test subject #1- Nachahmung, Lene. Great disposition of genetic material, but rejected most of the blood. Test subject #2- Ausgewogen, Izaak. Average disposition of genetic material, no changes with the blood. Test Subject # 3, Spiegel, Krestin. Outstanding backup and disposition of genetic material, but still no changes in her. For her, if things go like this, she may reject the blood as Test Subject #1.

Test Subject #4- Ähnlich, Isold. Great disposition of genetic material and ourstanding back-up as the prime child of our researchers. The blood caused major changes in her. All of the brain damage and physical damage had been restored. It seems that in the future her performance in the intelectual area may be hindered, but in exchange of her life it may be a good deal.

And finally, the Modified Test Subject #5- Falsch, Engel. As part of the [Numbers], the completely modified humans, and being one of the few survivors, he is even more outstanding than Test Subject #3. in both genetic information and back-up. The blood seems to have been fused with him perfectly. There hasn’t been any more changes but we expect a lot from him.

If possible, we can syntethize his blood and give it to Test Subject #6, Brunnhildr and Test Subject #7- Brookelle.”

Replied Mr. Archer with a strange shine in his eyes.

This time, there were no words.


Not a single reaction.

Even Shirayuki read the atmosphere and kept silence.

They only had their eyes widened and pale faces. Then-

Mr. Archer and co. Ms. Cole and Mr. Falsch walked towards the tarnished windows.

Mr. Falsch then cleaned it with his lab-coat and…

There was floating a baby with black hair and had a machine who aid him to breathe.

“Modified Test Subject#5…. It’s really magnificent…” Said Mr. Archer to what Mr and Ms. Isold made a expression of rejection towards him.

“Experiment subject Number(s): series G – 3rd row, L section…. Acronym – ENGEL.”


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  1. kmx72 says:

    That plot twist was so damn WTF is kinda like Charlotte plot twist bit this more shocking this was so confusing the five God of war had the dragon blood implemented into them which make them greater but is this only memories he doesn’t even remember he had and also the other four and this damn cruel and damn. Man who knew you had ugh a plot twist in mind and is the dragon blood to make them stronger or make them destined to be stronger than average wasn’t the balance breaker from Skyfall Tear was the false doesn’t that mean that it was the dragon s blood

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    • Well, it was to make them stronger but it didn’t work that well.

      Also the Skyfall Tear was the one to gave them the [Balance Breaker].

      Still, you remember the first stats Engel had?

      A person is supposed to have only one [EX-Class], yet he had two. Why?

      Because of the [Dragon Blood].

      And now there spoiler. read fuhrter if curious…

      Its heavy…. really… you can still repent now….

      It didn’t work that much in them, the dragon blood. Lene rejected the blood and became flat, nothing happened to Izaak and Krestin’s potential was diminished by it. In isold there were great results as in Engel because she was at the verge of death and she recovered. Brunnhildr didn’t got much results because only her EX Class got augmented and Brookelle did got stronger because she adquiered something like demonic eyes. :3


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