Elementals Chapter 1: Life//Plus

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01 – Chapter 1: Life//Plus


It was a simple, normal morning.

People come and go whilst the morning sun rises. Boys and girls from 16 to 18 years old who wore similar clothes walked towards a common place- Their High School.

It was located in the middle of the city. Surrounded by tall buildings, however out of all of them it was the tallest.

Made of reinforced glass with a black-blue color; [Marie-Ann Titania High School] stood proud and elegant as it received the teenagers who attended the place.

It was the second week of the semester- September 21.

Out of all the students, one girl attracted all of the glances.

With long straight silver hair, steel blue eyes, soft, silky white skin and a hourglass figure along with an insanely cute, beautiful face. She walked with grace and elegance while the people around her moved out of the way to let her pass.

The uniform she, and the others, wore was a dark-blue blazer with a white button down shirt under it; her skirt was short, black and stylish. The blazer had black embroideries around it’s edges, and the coat of arms of the high school, which was a silver lotus flower.

It was the standard uniform for all the students. Males wear black pants instead of skirts of course.

Some of the other things that made her stand out were her accessories. She had a silver ribbon around her neck and some blue and silver pins in her hair. Her nails were clean and her lips had a peach-pink natural color.

Her smile looked impeccable and her teeth were like pearls.

No one doubted her being an angel, or a goddess walking among mortals.

The most famous girl in the high school- Raisa Astakhov.

She is a sophomore in Titania High School whose fame amounts to being the smartest girl throughout the entire year; the best in sports and athleticism as well as her great personality and attitude.

Other than her looks, everything is an A++.

“Heya Raisa! Howdy?” Asked a blond guy with brown eyes and a pale white complexion. He is well built and constantly has an aloof expression.

He had piercings in his ear and brow and a little scar under his left eye. A handsome face that made older women unnaturally attracted.

His name is Arlen White.

“Oh, hi Arlen. Everything is fine, but Miss. Handler’s homework was a little tedious.” Replied Raisa to his greeting.

They both were arriving to their classroom after walking the lobby, use the elevator and arrive to the 11th floor, where 2 of the 4 classes in sophomore year were.

They both belong to class 2-1.

The classroom has computers of the latest technology for everyone so the need for notes and books was gone. In the class there were 22 people and were evenly distributed as 11 males and 11 females. That went for all the classes in the whole high school. Titania High School was a “Crème de la crème” institution.

“The honour student talkin… I spent the whole weekend doin those physics drills… Haa.”

Sighed Arlen as he sat two desks behind Raisa. She sat in front of the class, in the second column from the left.

Everyone started to arrive after them. As time passed, 20 minutes passed flying and the lessons started.

The teacher, Miss. Handler arrived. She is a 30+ years woman who is single. She has long black hair tied in a bun and green eyes. She wears an expensive suit and low heels.

It’s said she sometimes likes to harass male students, but those are just rumors.

“Well then, let’s start the class! If you haven’t checked your arrival, do so now because I’ll be closing the system right now.”

Said the female teacher.

In Titania High School, you use your Student ID to mark your entry and exit to every lesson since the beginning of the day until it ends.

This system is managed by the teacher whose class the students attends.

One or two from the end of the class stood up and went to the door. There was a card reader where they inserted their ID.

As they were going back-

“Sorry for being late!”

Shouted someone from the door.

After the last student checks, the teacher closes the door so in order to give some time for late-starters, they left the door open 5 minutes after the lesson starts.

“Uh? Oh it’s St. Claude. Come in, come in! For you I’d falsificate the entry for every lesson.”

Said Miss. Handler as she licked her lips.

The guy in the door, St. Claude, shivered.

He checked his entry and went to his seat; next to Raisa.

“Hi Raisa” Greeted the guy as Raisa smiled back.

The guy, Laurent St. Claude, was the counterpart of the most popular girl in sophomore year… And that is the most popular guy in sophomore year.

Laurent is a tall guy with a well built body who would same the Greek myth gods. He has fair white skin, mid length, wavy raven black hair, silver blue eyes and a perfect dentist smile and a unfairly handsome face. He uses mid-thick frame glasses and some silver and blue hair pins.

He has the best grades and is the best in physical activities. Even if it was still warm for the season, Laurent wore a fluffy light-blue scarf.

“I still don’t get how come you are so chilly…”

Said the girl behind Raisa as she poked out her tongue.

She has brown-blonde wavy hair combed to one side, red-brown eyes and a beautiful face. Not to the extent of Raisa’s beauty, but still she wasn’t so far behind her.

The girl wore transparent-frame glasses and had a leather choker in her neck.

She is Arlen’s best friend and Raisa’s closest friend, Carly Spencer.

“Neither do I.” Replied Laurent while shrugging his shoulders and then changed back his attention to the front of the class.

By a brief moment, Laurent greeted Arlen with a slight wave of his hand.

Just like that, the lessons started.


“Oh right, it seems today are coming the two absent students.” Voiced Miss. Handler as she casually chatted with her students.

Her time today in class 2-1 only lasted 45 minutes, so right after half of the time the female teacher decided to receive the student’s assignments. They all had the data saved in a sd card or an USB memory to make the transfer inside the school.

Titania High School has an internal network totally aisled of the outside nets. So, due to school regulations, the students had to transfer the homework from the internal network of the facility.

“Really? Cool… They’re two gurls right?” Said Arlen.

He counted the male-female ratio of their class and noticed that there were 11 males and 9 females; so the absent students had to be females.

“That’s right. Though they should already be he-”


Then the doorbell was heard as it had an ironic *Knock Knock* sound. The classrooms are specially designed to be soundproof so no noise comes from outside and no noise leaks from inside. As a practical tool, the institution installed doorbells in each classroom.


Said Miss Handler even though she knew the people outside couldn’t hear her voice.

She used her ID to open the door. Behind it was the school principal- Markus Rain.

He is a handsome man in his 20’s with white hair and honey eyes with a thin build and a elegant suit.

“Good day Miss Handler. I’ve brought the two students that belong to this class. They had some paperwork piled up to seal up their enrollment in the institution. As you see, they have finished to I personally guided them here.”

Explained the principal with an advertisement smile.

“A-Alright. I’ll take care of them from now on.” Replied the teacher quite stunned by Markus’ excessive energy.

“I’ll take my leave then.” He replied and left as is.

(He seems so energetic… I wonder how he manages his looks and that vitality at his age…) Thought Miss Handler as she called the two students.

They both checked in to the class and stood in front of everyone.

Even though they all were in sophomore year, no one knew about them. That is because they are newbies in the institution.

There are three ways to get into Titania High School:

1- The entrance exam:
People from all over the state, and even the country comes to the facility in order to take the entrance exam and be part of such majestic place. This kind of test is taken once a year only by those who wish to enroll in junior year.

2- Scholarships:
Titania High School offers scholarships to low-resources kids with amazing talent either in sports, athletics, arts or sciences. They can only be scouted and placed in junior year.

That lets the third option as the only available one-

3- Donations:
The institution receives huge donations from influential people so they would let their children to enroll in the high school. These kind of people are accepted in either junior, sophomore and senior years.

Thus, they all realized that the two girls in the front of the class were accepted by the third mean of enrollment.

(These girls are the ones to fill the gap, huh…)

Voiced Laurent in his mind. Because the balanced male-female ratio, it was weird to be accepted by the third way after the junior year, but whenever someone dropped high school or was transferred to another school, the gap would be filled by these people.

In the 2-1 class, previously the 1-1 class, two people resigned so the places were covered by these two girls.

“Okay, everyone stop the chit-chat! The girls are going to talk so pay attention!”

Called out Miss Handler.

Everyone in the class stopped the murmurs and the gossip and focused in the new girls.

“Hello everyone! My name’s Adele Corbin and am 17 years old! I like math, chemistry and read book while listening metal!”

Said one of the girls- Adele Corbin.

She’s a slender girl with long chestnut hair and wears a silk, white headband. She has light-green eyes and is tall for a girl. Her face is cute but not an overwhelming beauty and has some freckles in her nose and the adjacent areas.

“Your turn!”

Poked Adele to the the other girl in the sides with her elbow. The other girl gave a step ahead and started to talk.

“H-Hi… I am Giselle Feder. I’m 17 and I like to sew, cook, bake and watch online programs. Also I like to play lots of sports and to run.”

Said clumsily Giselle while blushing and restlessly moving.

Giselle has a body of his own league. She has a total “dynamite body” that surpasses by a nose to that of Raisa’s. Her face is strikingly beautiful and her black hair is in a straight bob cut.

She has black eyes and pear white skin.

8 of 10 men that saw her would fall in love. The other 2 would immediately confess their eternal love.

Laurent stared to Giselle quite a while, zoned out because of her beauty. Giselle felt Laurent’s gaze and met with his eyes two or three times but she avoided his eyes every time due to embarrassment.

Raisa realized this and felt quite uncomfortable in her heart.


She thought while puzzled. Besides being classmates and close acquaintances, she has never interacted that much with Laurent and vice versa

“Look, there are two seats behind St. Claude. Take your sit and pay attention to the front of the class. Also you kids, treat them well.”

Said Miss Handler as she checked the homeworks and the ones who hadn’t sent it yet, did so.

As they headed towards their seats, they greeted Raisa, Laurent, Carly Arlen and the ones around.

(Weird… Why is there no one behind me?) Thought Laurent, but he didn’t mind it as he considered himself lucky to have such beauties around him.

He could heard the quasi-inaudibles curses directed to him because of that.

As he smiled wryly, Giselle sat behind him and Adele in the next one.



Greeted once again the two girls as Adele winked to him and Laurent returned a slight smile.

Raisa unconsciously pouted due to their actions and Carly silently giggled.


After three more classes of different subjects, the last one being of 90 minutes, Arlen and Laurent invited the newbies to eat lunch with them and one more friend; Hillary Nest.

She is the representative of the class in the monthly meetings with the principal and teachers.

These students that acted as representatives talked about what they needed and what was wrong about the facilities from their point of view.

Hillary is a small girl with dark-brown hair and blue eyes. She has a cute and childlike face that contrasts with her serious and strict personality.

After lunch, they went back to their classroom to receive the afternoon lessons.

There was nothing out of the norm in the afternoon, thus the classes ended without a hitch.


“Bye Laurent, Arlen.”

“Bye Raisa”

“Cya’ Carly!”

After saying goodbye, Raisa and Carly left the classroom.

Laurent and Arlent lived near each other so they would walk home together. They lived in an apartment complex near the high school.

Raisa and Carly lived near each other too.

Laurent and Arlen stayed in the classroom to chat a while before going back to their places. Just as they were laughing due to a small joke, two girls walked in.

They were Giselle and Adele.

“Hi there!”

Said Adele quite cheerfully.

“Hi. Do you need anything?” Asked Laurent.

“Yeah… Now, tell him.”

Poked again Adele to Giselle’s sides with her elbow.

“U-Uhm… We-Well… Ehm…”

Muttered Giselle while gathering courage.

“A-A-A-Are you free right after classes??!” Shouted Giselle while intensely blushing. She was the type of silent girl but now her efforts to talk made her quite cute.

“N… Mhm… No. I don’t have any plans.” Replied Laurent. He was not an idiot so he saw coming the next question.

“Ca-Ca-Ca-Can we go for a drink to Coffee Rucksack?!”

Exclaimed Giselle as she hid her face due to embarrassment.

Laurent was still surprised to hear that from her, so he took a while to react.

“Ye-Yeah! I’ll go with you to the Coffee Rucksack.” Replied Laurent with a gentle smile.

As she saw Laurent’s smile, Giselle turned around and stupidly smiled.

She has never seen someone with such smile, thus she was bewildered and felt her heart being charmed by it.



Laurent and Arlen suddenly stood up. They felt the vibration of the smartphones in their pockets.

They both usually let their smartphones with sound, so feeling this sensation was something odd. That’s also because they have an extra pair of smartphones who they carry all the time in vibration mode. They took out the smartphone and then noticed who was the one calling them.

“Excuse us a while.”

Voiced Laurent with a strong voice and left the classroom with Arlen.

“Principal… What do you need?” Asked Laurent. He knew that receiving such a call was not something good for him.

“Yeah, yeah. Well, it seems there have been some trouble with the [Hunters] again.” Explained Markus.

“Trouble? What did they do now?” Asked Arlen whose pattern speech had suddenly changed.

They were in a conference call so it was alright for the two of them to talk at the same time or just one of them.

“Okay… Laurent, I want you to remain calm. What I am going to tell you is not something funny.”

Laurent nodded, as well as Arlen.

“Those stupids… Those stupids kidnapped Raisa.”

Voiced the Principal with full awareness of the facts.

And in that very moment, Lauren’s smartphone was crushed with a single hand with a terrific gaze and enraged expression that he tried to hide.


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