Magical Tournament Volume Two Chapter Seven: Blütenblatt (Petal) – The one who is the dearest to you.

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Chapter Seven: Blütenblatt (Petal) – The one who is the dearest to you.


It has been more than a month after the [Third Stage] started.

Parties fought between themselves for the right to challenge a [Maschine]. Engel and his party by now had already defeated 4 parties.

It was a complete defeat. Engel didn’t even moved a hand. It seemes that Patricia and the others tried to show off his strenght and completely obliterated all the other parties.

Also some of them ran away from them, so it was kind of hard to have a battle.

But now, they were in the middle of another party, in the look for their last [Camellia Sphere]. Engel was diguised with a [Loki’s Mask].


(You ready guys?) Asked Patricia thorough the [Wake Up Call].

(Yeah!) Said everyone.


“Good Luck!” Shouted Engel


“Heh… These losers… Will know the name of [Silverscreen]!!” Shouted a very muscular guy from the other party, who seemed to be the leader. The other 5 guys looked almost the same.


“Let’s Go!” Shoted Patricia as the battle started.


The leader ran with al his strenght to slash with his bastard sword agains Patricia, who also sprinted head on.  But-

“Oh great water that calms my heart and strong ground that aids my road, aid me! [Quagmire]!”

Patricia chanted a [Special Element] spell. The [Mud Element] [Quagmire]. It created a 30 cm deep hole of mud in a 5 meter range.

Because the leader of the other part was at 4 meters away, Patricia was able to destroy his foothold.

The leader almost fell to the ground but in that very instant, by mere luck, he put the other foot in the ground.

but it was too late.

Patricia was at the best position with her axe and-


She slashed thorough the leader’s body with ease.

In the moment Patricia started to cast her spell, Blair was already aiming her hammer to another enemy and with a great impact she destroyed the poor guy.

When Blair won over that participant, behind the guy was another aiming for the moment she let that opening after attacking.

The guy had a trident and when tried to pierce Blair-

“[Sand Geiser]”

Albrik had given her support with [Special Element], [Sand Element] magic and threw away the trident guy. In that moment, out of nowhere Akio appeared and slashed at him in the air with his [Niseiryuu].

After Patricia slashed to the enemy leader, the supporters attacked her with multiple [Fire Bullets].

“[Oxygen Blast]”

Albrikt casted another spell and with a high speed the [Fire Bullets] colided with her magic. Patricia guarded herself with her axe from the explosion that was formed with the clash of magics.

She threw that magic to stop the enemy spells and made it so the explosion was directed towards the other party. It was possible because her [Analyze Eye].

There were four guys ñeft.

Just after the explosion, with a kickboxer’s stance, Kyoka sprinted towards the three guys who casted the spells towards Patricia, who were still confused because of the explosion, and then she gave a powerful [Diamond Crusher] to each one in their guts.

That alone was enough to defeat them.

It seemed that there was a bowman in the rear behind the magicians.

He was aiming directly to Kyoka’s head just after she defeated the magicians.

As she was finishing them off, he aimed and the moment he was going to shot the arrow, a sword pierced his torso.

No, they were two swords.

It was the pair [Niseiryuu]; that meant tha Akio was the one who pierced him.

Then he forcibly slashed him and the battle was over.



“So how much time do we have left?” Asked Patricia as Engel told them the notice only he recieved.

“70 hours and 30 minutes or so…” Said Engel while sipping his tea.

“Of course, we’ve just came back from the last fight…” Said Albrikt.

“Well, I actually need to talk about this with you.” Added Engel while getting in his serious modo.

“I don’t know what will came in the [Maschine], but… I will not protect you. We are a team, so we are going to fight like one. We have to use all the strategies we have in hand, and I won’t be excluded in your fights, nor you will be excluded from my pace. We’ve worked hard for this day, so let’s act how we are suposed to. Okay?” Said Engel and then took a sip from his tea.

“Of course! What are you saying at this time of the tournament!” Said Blair as she slapped Engel’s back.

“We know that very well Engel… Also, looks who’s talking! You were the one who was more fixated in not letting Engel get in the group!” Said Kyoka while pointig out the attitude Blair had with Engel the first time they met.”

“Sh-Shut up! It was for the sake of the party! Hmph… But now I know his value…” Said Blair while pouting.

“Okay, okay. For now we should calm down and enjoy the afternoon.” Said Akio


“There I see someone who is already enjoying it to its fullest.” Said Albrikt while pointing Izane who was lying asleep in the table.

“””””……… Hahahahahahaha!”””””

They all laughed to Albrikt’s remark.

“Hello people!”


Said a pair of voices behind everyone there. It was Lene, who was coming alonng Krestin.

Krestin had a room in the mansion for the sake of being together with Mikaela, thus, she and her party were in good terms with Engel and his party.

The exception was Lene, who just escaped from her place to regularly visit Engel.

“Hi guys! How were your battles?” Asked Engel when he saw them coming. They took a sit and started to chat.

“Mine was fine, I’m just waiting a week for the last one. What about you Krestin?” Asked Lene as she told her day.

“Well, I need a week too. Isold says she has hers tomorrow and Izaak need two weeks yet.” Said Krestin.

Because was a party meeting, Yozora and the others decided to take a stoll with the kids, Mikaela included.

“Now that I think about it, how escalated the things with you extra companions, Engel?” Asked Lene as she took a sip from Engel’s tea.

“Well, the ones who needed to be questioned answered favorably. One of the girls had her reasonable doubts, but at the end decided to come along too. I just hope that her majesty appears one day and says she wants to come too, haha.” Said Engel while laughing sacastically.

“I know haha. Well, I just hope we all pass thorough the [Maschine] with no problems though.” Added Lene.

Then, they all spent a nice time together.

Like that, three days passed rather quickly.

“Come now, we’re going to be teleported.” Said Engel while everyone was gathering in the upper garden.

He already contacted Ms. Cole with [Quarta]’s help and she said that it was necesary for the people that was going to travel with him to come with him to the [Maschine] too. She said that it was okay for them to go.

So [Black Bixbite] and co. was gathering. Then, Engel had a hunch and asked for Seara and Avalon to sleep within the shortswords.

Then, Krestin and Lene arrived to say goodbye.

And then they dissapeared in thin air.


They appeared in what seemed to be a stadium. It looked exactly as a [Earth] stadium, but it had clay and sand insetad of grass.

It was empty, there was no one except them.

But the most surprising was something else.

It was that up in the sky… There was no sky. All they could see were nebulas whining in blue, pseudo-green, violet, indigo, sky-blue, pseudo-yellow and red colors, also tons of stars. The moon seemed to be at their left and the sun at their right.

When they arrived there, Yozora felt a bad premonition.

She did not know, but she was standing in the place she had previously destroyed. [Tower Of Babel].

It had been remodeled for the sake of [The Tournament] and moved to a more convenient location.

Yes, it was a floating castle and it as in the middle of space. It was a total mistery how it worked, but it had air and gravity.

When they separated, and [Black Bixbite] entered the field, they all felt a strong presence comparable to Engel’s.

They they all gazed upwards. There, an omnious aura of peerless white was descending.

A pair of shining wings and a white shining halo.

Black hair and pure silver eyes.

An absoluty cool-beauty, female [Arche].

“Welcome, challegenger… And welcome, [Faker].” Said the [Arche] with an absolutely beautyful voice and a superiiority complex tone.

“My name is Aleksandra Götze, bestowed with the name of [Archangel Camael]. [God Of War Metatron], [Engel Falsch], the fake angel, I challenge you to a 1 to 1 duel!”

Said [Camael], while pointing towards Engel.

Engel knew that he had to accept yes or yes.

Also he minded a little how she named him, but he could do nothing to the names that were spreaded by his fans and other participants. It was [Quarta]’s fault too for putting it in the screens.

“I do accept.”

He said. He accepted the challenge, and he may regret it.

Yozora, seeing [Camael], started have complicated feelings because she was someone Yozora knew.

(So at the end, her little sister was the one to take the [Title]… And if she has “that”, things could get hard for Engel…) Thought Yozora while she remembered her long time lost friend and how things would get now.

Engel ordered to the party memebers to sit besides the others.

He then slowly walked towards the center of the stadium, where [Camael] was floating.

“So, If I beat you, I pass this stage?” Asked Engel to confirm his position.

“Yeah, even if you don’t beat me, you’ll have two chances more. But the next one will be a drifferent drill.”

Said [Camael], then she made appear a window visible for anyone.

“When the count reaches zero, we’ll begin.” Said the [Arche] while they both moved to other positions.

“Oh yeah, I listened from the [Asteroid Magician] that this will be recorded for the sake of documentation or something like that.” She added.

The count started in 30…..20..18…17…..15…..12…..11…..10….



They both dissapeared from the view of everyone in the place, then in the middle of the air they were clashing their weapons.

[Camael} had a peeless white one-hand sword. Engel had [Tombokiri] in his hands.

He also had instantly activated [Sephiroth] to Level 1, [Crown]. Then he slowly was being pushed back. He was in the bad end of the positions they adopted.

“Ha! A [Faker] will always be a [Faker]!!” Shouted [Camael] when she made Engel collide towards the floor.

Engel stood up and with all his strength flew towards [Camael] and tried to restrict her movement with [Gravity Magic] but-


It didn’t worked.

Then Engel uses [Kuiper’s Theorema] and used [Mercurius] to attack.

[Camael] easely evaded all the light-made balls.

Then Engel used [Venus] and it didn’t work either.

He then changed his approach.

He stopped in mid air all the light-made balls and then-


In that very moment all the balls connected physically like branches of a tree, with the objective of piercing [Camael]’s whole body, but-

“Damn, Even if you’re a [Faker], you’re still someone with real strenght….”

Then, in that very milisecond she was going to be pierced-

A shockwave flew through all the place and everything vanished.


“With this… You’re nothing than a simple [Personen].”

And when everything vanished, it also Engel’s halo and wings dissapeared. [Sephiroth] had been blocked.

“Yotse Skill – [Absolute Antimagic Territory]. Everything that it’s around me at certain distance will cease to use magic. And it seems it fits perfectly in all this space. Even the seats are affected by it!”

Said [Camael]. Yozora indeed tried to use magic, but she couldn’t. Strangely enough, she still could use her [Demonic Eyes].

“Shit… This has just become troublesome….” Said Engel as he mustered his strenght and gripped [Tombokiri].

He then noticed his [Analyze Eye] was still working, and tried to think about a good way to get out that predicament, but-

“Well…. You know, this wouldn’t be such a good skill if it weren by this!”

Said [Camael] as she shot a [Light Canon] towards Engel.

Engel instantly moved and evaded the spell, then he understood his position-

“Yes! I can still use magic whitin this space!” Exclaimed [Camael] while braggin of her habilities.

“And now, it’s the time of your doom!!” She said as she started to chant, thing she hadn’t done before, and also er eyes started to glow.

“THAT IS!!!??” Shouted Yozora as she saw what she intended to do.

“[Oh great, righteous and pure lught bestow me with you strenght and give me the power to slay the evildoers in my road]. [Spear of the just, spear of the innocent, spear of the pure, aid me in my mission], [Please give me your strenght!!!] [Longinus Spear]!!

Then an enormous quantity of light gathered in her hand and also a great pressure emaned from her and even more from her hand.

then a enormous bluish-white spear was created in her hand.

“Now, be lost, [Faker]!” She said as she prepared herself to throw the spear from her position, floating in middle of the stadium.

Then, Engel charged head on.

He used all the strength he could muster and jumped to the position [Camael] was with [Tombokiri] in hand.

Everybody in the seats screamed because such scene. It seemed that Engel charged towards his own defeat.

But then by a paper thin difference, with the help of his [Demonic Eye], evaded the spear and pierced [Camael].

Or so it was suposed to be.

Just when he was going to pierce her, she reacted to him and kicked him in the gut.

He fell with full force to the ground.

He almost lost concisiounes in that place but something impided him do that.


It was a scream. Precisely, it was Ileana’s scream.

Engel slowly stood up and moved his attention to the seats, and there he saw Yozora impaled by the [Longinus].


[Engel’s POV]

No… No…






But it’s real.

[End Of Engel’s POV]

All the color of Engel’s face dissapeared and the face of real desperation was expressed by him.

All the ones who were near, for the impact, were knocked out, and the oned who were barely concisious, witnessing the scene could do nothing more than silently presence it.

Then the light spear dissapeared and reapperaed in [Camael]’s hand.

Then lots of blood started to pour from her chest. What the spear pierced was her lung and had damaged half of her heart and destroyed other organs.

Engel could do nothing more than look…. Only look…. And then-

He remembered something, as if he knew what to do since the begining, he threw [Tombokiri] to the floor and slowly walked towards [Camael] who actually, did not care in the least that [Longinus] had pierced Yozora.

His eyes looked empty, but with a deep dark hatred in them.

From his lower back, he took out the shortswords where Seara and Avalon resided.

He then with a strength in various levels over the one he could muster in the [Absolute Antimagic Territory], jumped.

He jumped with such strength, but not towards [Camael] but towards the vast space.

[Camael] thought he had become senile, but it was part of his plan.

Then, when he was a certain distance afar from the [Arche], he felt it.

Magic started to run again hi his whole body and-

He pierced himself with the twin shortswords.

The shortswords then became light particles and melded with his body.

Then his fangs started to grow, his eyes became pure golden and pure silver. His hair started to show various placces with black color and incredible levels of strenght and magic started to dwell whitin his body.

Black and white marks started to show in his skin. They were dragon scales. And his armor started to give a white glow where the technologic patterns were carved.

Then, he started to fall back to the ground. Just before he entered again the [Absolute Antimagic Territory], he used his [Dimensional Magic] to take out of his pocket space a weapon beffiting his rage.

He took it out… It was a [Khakkahara]. A full metal staff made off the most sturdy metals in the perfect combination, like all his other weapons. It had a ringed edge where it had six rings. The staff was all black and the rings were white.

He had named it [Vajra].

He then entered the territory.

[Camael] at the beggining didn’t get what he was doing, because even if she could use magic in his territory, she could not feel it, but when Engel transformed, even she noticed the great amount of power he had now.

She felt it, her defeat.

But then she brushed it off when she thought about her [Absolute Antimagic Territory], but then he entered it… And the magic pressure did not diminished.

Engel landed with great momentum, creating a crater.

“[Deva Path] – [Human]”

Muttered Engel as he in the blink of an eye closed the distance between [Camael] and himself, then he swung his staff and hit her sides, throwing her to the floor.

“[Deva Path] – [Animal]”

He, with the momentum he had, as if kicking the air, he fell with great force towards [Camael] and pierced her in the gut.

Because of the nature of [Vajra] she was only left with an unbearable pain.

Engel, gave an acrobatic wheel in the air and landed.

“[Deva Path] – [Hell]”

He said as his strenght augmented more and he kicked [Camael] In the face; she was sent flying.

Before she landed, Engel had already closed their distance and-

“[Deva Path] – [Hungry Phantom]”

Activated another phase of his magic and attacked several times with his [Vajra]

Each time he attacked, she lost several amounts of her mana.

He then pushed her through the wall, and-

“[Deva Path] – [Divinity]”

He activated what it seemed to be [Antimagic] and it melded with his own body.

“Convenient….” Said Engel as he slightly moved, noticing his body started to move better.

[Camael] was barely consicious and was experiencing enormous amounts of pain. She could felt the great enraged pressure coming from Engel, and she started to feel despair, thinking she was going to die.

“[Deva Path] – [Asura]”

Said Engel as his sences augmented, his basic strenght rised to the very limits and his overal power was so high, that the pressure emaning from him could be felt physically. You could easily collapse or fall to the ground with such pressure.

Then, he took with both hands his [Vajra], raised it and-

“Never in your life think about putting a finger on Yozora again….”

Said Engel with an raged, empty and powerful voice while piercing [Camael]’s torso with it.


Engel ran at full force towards the seats where his party and co. was. He arrived almost like teleporting.

There, he saw Yozora, lying comatose in the seat, while everybody looking at her. Even the ones who had blacked out were looking at her.

She, then, started to move her face, as in some pain. But then it became a expression of relief.

That was because her organs started to repair themselves, the hole was closing and the pale color she had with the great amount of blood loss was fading.

When all that process ended, she started to cough blood. It was the residual blood in her throat, and then she slowly woke up.

“Eh… Eh?… What happened?” She asked while trying to remember the previous events. And-

Engel sudenly jumped out to Yozora and embraced her with great strenght while crying.

“Never…. Never think in giving me such affright again!!” He shouted while tightly embracing her.

She returned the embrace, and remembered what happened moments ago…

She just smiled with tears in her eyes and said.

“I promise you it won’t be like that…” With a smooth and warm voice, while the people around them sighed in relief.

Then [Rokuten] dispelled, and Engel blacked out while embracing Yozora.

He was so worried he didn’t even noticed the notification of victory.


Then, after some minutes, a bright light shone in the whole stadium and everyone was teleported back to [Earth].



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  2. When Engel is having a hard time fighting that guy. My mind shouting “For god sake! Use you’re new armor and weapon!” then the spear hit Yozora. He berserk mode then defeat the enemy in instance. My mind ask ” Srsly bruh?”.<<< but that's scene is 10/10 for epicness 🙂 also about Yozora something feels misssing that it turned too predictable . but all in all nice chapter.

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