Magical Tournament Eighth Intermission: Fantôme (Ghost) – Death of the [Demon Empress]

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Well this is the end of the [Demon Empress Series] (I wanted it to sound cool) xD

The next Intermission will be about what Krestin told Engel about her past when they were in the royal garden.

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PS: First Prologue, Chapters 1-5 and Fist Intermission have been already re-edited.

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Eighth Intermission: Fantôme (Ghost) – Death of the [Demon Empress]


[Katastrophe’s POV]

“Who’s the-AARGGHBLG!!”

“Have a nice sleep.”

I said as I pierced some soldier’s chest.

(I thought the [White Einherjar] soldiers were more skilled… What a funkiller) I thought as I moved along the hall.

Right now I’ve infiltrated the [Valhalla Imperial City], and am looking for the [Skyfall Sea of Tears],

That guy, the [Divinity Utgarda-Loki] is the one who told me abotu such relic being here in this castle.

He said that it’s in the [Throne Hall] of the [Aesir Castle]. They have disguised it as a candelabrum.
I thought this could be a trap, but it’s not like I care anyways.

If I succeed, I can avenge my best friend.

If I don’t… I’ll just die.

It’s a win, win situation.


I involuntarely smile to this fact. I don’t know why, but I don’t feel satisfied with this.

I’ve just killed the guard in the [Throne Hall]’s door.

I used [Phantom Stealth] all the way here, but this door looks troublesome so I deactivated my skill.

I easily opened the door and looked around.

“This looks really similar to mine in [Sky Rune Castle].” I said to myself admiring the elegance of the room.

Then I saw the relic hanging right over me and I took it after destroying the candelabrum with a [Dark Shot].

A purple-bluish shining orb fell in my hands.

“Heh….Hehe…. HAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAAH!!!!!! Finally… Finally….. I can kill them all…”

I exclaimed.



“Damn….” I said as I ran away.

Just right now a slender, blonde beautiful woman with golden eyes was attacking me with a enormous broadsword.

It was [Freyja].

“It was as [Utgarda-Loki] said; [Babel’s Ruin] has come.” Said Freyja with a nasty smile.

(This sure is troublesome…!!) I tought.

That is not only because her top notch abilities as a [Blademaster] but also because her [Artifact], the [Frejya’s Mantle].

That thing can not only make her invisible, but also notice everything invisible, this my [Phantom Stealth] is uselsess now!

“I don’t even have time to be thinkning anything!!”

I said to myself as I was being chased by her.

“Oh beautiful fire spirit that grants me power, bestow me the beautifulness of the flame! [Fire Cannon]!!”

She shouted as several [Fire Cannons] appriaced me.

I easily doged them in midair as I was escaping by flying in the halls.


“???!!! – [Black Wave]!”


I casted.

I was going to give a turn in a corner when I felt an ominous presence in the other side, so to be cautious I did this.

Unluckily, the only one who was affected by it was [Freyja].

“Heey? Who’s casting such dangerous spell indoors?”

Said the person in the corner.

Not even [Heimdall] or [Odin] has such a presence!

Then the person gave a turn. It ws a teenager girl weirdly dressed. It was a short robe with strange [Raubtier] ears.

“Who are you?” I asked. I’ve never known of a [Divinity] like her.

“Well… Who cares about my name; The people in this place call me [Asteroid Magician].” Said the girl with a faint, mischevious smile.

(WHAT?!) I shouted in my mind.

That’s because the spreading rumors about her are no good.

She can summon asteroids from the sky and also has an impenetrable defense. Every people that has ever face her has either died or gone insane!

There are rumors of her trying to unify the [Branches].

In short, a dangerous person I definitely didn’t want to meet now!!

What do I do now?

“The [Asteroid Magician]? Well… It seems that I’ll have you meet your end here.”

I decided to bluff.

“[Dark Cannon]!!!”

I shot several [Dark Cannons] almost at point blank range.

“You’ve got quite the magic here…” She said while smiling.

I didn’t do damage at all!

(She surely stopped my [Dark Wave]… her [Barrier Magic] is really hard to destroy…) I analyzed.

(I don’t have other option then!) I shouted to myself as I tired to ingest the relic.

“I won’t let you do that tho'” Said the magician as she threw some [Ice Spears] without any movements.


It hurted my arm and I stopped my actions.

“[Black Implosion]!!”

I casted.

“Damn!” She said as I flew away at full speed.

I knew, because of my [Demonic Eyes], [Analyze Eyes], I noticed that she never deactivated her barrier and I had to use one of my best magic as a distraction and ran away.

(Damn it hurts…) I said to myself as I tried to use the relic.

(It doesn’t regenerates… It must be the [Divine Element]…)

I analyzed my cut and I saw that those [Ice Spears] had injected [Divine Element] that is quite harmful for us the [Dämon]. It’s not to the extent of killing us, but it dulls us for a while.

(Good, it started to regenerate…) I said to myself as I flew thorough the lond hall. Then I saw a way to get out of her range.


Then I suddenly felt a divine presence beind me!

(Is… That… a spear?!)

I though as I saw her chasing behind me while flying.

(Could she even fly? No! Anyways! What’s that spear?… WHAT?! That’s the [Zeus’ Lightning]!!)

I shouted to myself. She wasn’t attacking because she was filling the [Lanze] with [Mana].

(This is dangerous! Ártemize never used the [Longinus] against me at full power because she was a nice person… But if that thing hits me as is, I’LL SERIOUSLY DIE!!!)


Even if it hits me… It wouln’t care right… It means I can see her sooner….

In that moment I broke out of the [Aesit Castle] by a window that was there in the hall and flew towards the ground.

“PIERCE! [Zeus’ Lightning]!”

Shouted the [Asteroid Magician] as I was already some meter’s below the city.

(Finally… We’ll meet again…)

I prayed in my head as the [Zeus’ Lightning]’s full power hit me with all it’s might.

[End Of Katastrophe’s POV]


Let’s go some time back.

Katastrophe’s swords had been just completed and she hid them in the whole castle just in case.

She also received all the information regarding the [Skyfall Sea Of Tears].

It had been roughly twoo weeks after Ártemize “died”.

The [Raubtier] named Engel had told her that for the sake of not destroying the future, she had to remain like that.

He told her that he came from the future where she was dead. He came from 500 years in the future.

Of course she didn’t believe it, but then he made something that convinced her.

He told her things… Stories about the time when she and Katastrophe were trapped inside [Metatron]’s ability.

Something impossible to know.

She thought if he was able to read her toughts or memories, but because her [Yotse Skill] – [Archknight], any other skill affected her.

So, she decided to believe in him by the moment.

After time passed, Engel talked with her about many things, most of them concerning a mutual aqcuitance.

Katastrophe Schatten.

Somehow, the more Engel talked about Katastrophe, the more reliable he looked like.

That was because his eyes… The eyes of someone in love.

There were moments that she thought that all what he talked about was a lie, or that he was mad, but then the next day with the new stories to hear, made her believe in him.

Let’s go back in track.

Today, it was afternoon.

They both were in a town nearby the border of [Ares] in the [Dyo] continent.

“This town sems familiar… Have I been here before?” Said the [Raubtier] Engel to himself.

Then he operated his [Menu] and used a option called [World Map],

“Oh! I see! This is [Canasta Village] After all!” He said with a nostalgic smile.

“You know this place from the future?” Asked Ártemize.

“Yeah…. A lot happened to me in a nearby place. I think you could see a flat mo-…??”

Voiced Engel as he looked to the horizon.

Where there was suposed to be mountain with a peak and an unnatural flat top, there was a two-peaked mountain.

(What’s the meaning of this?) Said Engel to himself as he started to think several things that could have happened to the mountain.




Voiced both of them.

“Did you feel that, Engel?” Asked Ártemize.

“Yeah. It’s [Zeus’ Lightning]. Somoene is using it.” Said Engel as he looked around him as if looking for something,then his sight was attracted to the opposite side of the mountain.

(Is it possible… Is it that day?) Said Engel to himself as he spotted something with [Analyze Eye].

(Damn it! What is this feeling in my chest?! I must go!!!) He shouted in his mind.

“Come with me!!” Exclaimed Engel as he then vanished in thin air together with Ártemize after taking her hand.

They then appeared un a place some hundred of meters next to the [Imperial City Valhalla].

“What are we doing here? also, the presence feels stronger here…” Said Ártemize, but didn’t get an answer.

Then they both saw someone being thrown out of a window if the enormous palace aboce the city. It was known as the [Aesir Castle]. It covered the city below, but due to some strannge technology, the bottom could emulate the sun and create a place where people could live.

The castle was so big that, when the person was thrown out of the window, the person fell to the ground, not to the city.

Then the presence that held the [Lanze] appeared in the broken window and shot the [Zeus’ Lightning] with full strength.

Engel had been using his [Analyze Eye] to it’s limits to see who had fallen and who used the [Lanze].

(It’s… them!?)

He said to himself even though he already knew about it.

“You stay here!”

Shouted Engel to Ártemize. She deployed her wings and he teleported to a nearer place.

(At this rate she’ll seriously die!!) Shouted Engel in his insides as he flew towards the falling person, Katastrophe.

Engel had analyzed the trayectory of the [Lance] and he discovered that she would die from the impact.

When he arrived to a suitable location, with [Gravity Magic] he moved the trayectory of [Zeus’ Lightning] and-


It destroyed the relic [Skyfall Sea Of Tears], making thousands of pieces from the orb. Many of them fell and were burned, becoming useless. But some of them, the bigger ones that were shot to the opposite side, started to travel in an orbit around the planet.

Even so, the relic didn’t stopped the whole damage and recoil of the [Lanze] and made imense damage to Katastrophe’s body.

The lower half and left arm were not there. Her right arm and most of her upper half was burned to a crisp and one of her wings was torn off too.

(It looks horrible… But at least she’ll live…) Thought Engel as Katastrophe fell towards the ground.

Engel created a barrier around her as she fell, so she would not burn to death and started, little by little, to lower the speed Katastrophe was falling.

He then flew towards Katastrophe and fell alongside her.

He took her hand and started to heal her, because her regeneration rate was really slow due to the [Divine] and [Lightning] Elements in the [Lanze].

RIght now they were quite near the ground, and in that moment he noticed something was ahead of them.

(The double peaked mountain?! Shit! Right now I can’t move too much the course!, neither teleport along with her…)

In the spur of the moment, he thought of a way to get out of said predicament….

(Lilya! Help me! Teleport! Teleport the mountain!!) He shouted towards someone in his mind.

(As you say, My Master!!!) Replied a female voice in her mind.

Lilya then took domain of Engel’s [Demonic Eye] – [Analyze Eye] and made all the tridimensional calculation, and the process of the theories of space-time abilities.

She then arrived to an answer and gavce Engel the “OK” to act.

All that in the fraction of a second. 0.0010 miliseconds.

“[Massive-Mass Teleportation]-[Solomon’s Gate]!!!”

Shouted Engel to encourage himself.

Then a colossal magic circle appeared above the mountain and started to engulf it.

In an instant, half of the mountain dissapeared.

The destination was the sea, so it harmed no-one.

After it was teleported, Engel and Katastrophe had free pass across the mountain and landed one or two kilometers further away.


“You okay?”

Asked Engel to Katastrophe who was regaining conscience.

Her arms and wings were alright, except some parts in her torso; also her lower half was slowly coming back.

“I-I feel like dying…”

Lowly voices Katastrophe.

“I see… Say, you want to die?”

Asked Engel.

“Die?… Ma-Maybe.” Replied Katastrophe.

Engel slowly stood up and-


He kicked Katastrophe’s face.

She oppened her eyes wide in surprise because of this.

“Wh-What are you doing to a dying person?” She weakely voiced. She didn’t even had the strenght to get angry.

“Idiot.” Said Engel.



“Wha?…” Said Katastrophe.

“Never, ever wish to die! Never Ever! There’s worth in living! There are people that want to see your face again! There are people that expect you to go back where you belong! THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT WISH FOR YOU TO NOT TO DIE!!!”

Exclaimed Engel. Katastrophe only remained silent.

“That’s why… Never wish to die. There are people that expect you to keep living. Also, if I’m not wrong, there’s someone who sacrificed herself in order for you to live… Right?”

Said Engel while relaxing, as he sat next to Katastrophe. Then he took out of his [Item Box] a flask.

Inside it there was something important, for both of them.

“A-An eye?” Questioned Katastrophe.

In fact, was a eyeball floating in special liquid inside the flask.

I had an purple iris with a slight silver shine.

“Do you recognize it? It’s an [Angelic Eye]…. [Camael’s Eye].” Said Engel.

“Eh?” Stupidly voiced Katastrophe.

“Yeah… Let’s say that I found the dead body of your friend…. And took out this. I didn’t give it to you before considering your feelings, but now I think it’s the right time. I’ll give you this, so you can remember the person who gave her life instead of you. So you can strenghten your will to live… So you never wish to die again, have this as a memento of her feelings.”

Because the sudden rush of feelings dwelling in her heart, Katastrophe started to cry. She hadn’t cried in 200 years…. And now, because her new value for her life, the feelings coveyed to her and the fact that she was just one step to throw away her life and she was still living, she cried.

Then Engel looked behind him as he detected a certain presence.

“I have to go now; It was quite hard to save you, moving the [Lanze] and everything… So that’s why don’t get into trouble again, okay?” He said with a half smile as he started to walk away.

“Wi-Will we see each other again?” Asked Katastrophe as she put the [Angelic Eye] inside her [Item Box].

“Take that for granted…. Yozora.” Said Engel while walking as he muttered his last words.

“Eh? What did you said?” Asked Katastrophe with curiosity for his last words.

“Nothing! See you soon!” He said while waving his hand and teleporting away.


After a while, the [Asteroid Magician] arrived to the barely conscious Katastrophe.


Just in the moment the magician was going to pierce Katastrophe’s heart, she shouted.

“Ah? So you have any last words?” Said the magician.

“Don’t kill me.” Asked Katastrophe.

“What?” Voiced the [Asteroid Magician].

“Please, Don’t kill me.” Repeated Katastrophe.

After thinking it a while, the magician talked.

“It’s not like I have a grudge against you… Also I’m experimenting some of my magic… So I think I’ll let you out of the hook this time.”

Said the [Asteroid Magician] as she took Katastrophe away with her.

(Let’s see how does my advanced seals work now… And the [Flag] regarding the [Satiellite] too…) Thought the magician while walking towards the [Sky Rune Castle].


[Katastrophe’s POV]

Haa…. It’s been quite a while since that magician sealed me here. At least, I could scape with one of my skills… Even though I can’t get out of this castle.

Everything has been so quiet… Well, except the weird guys that comes to stupidly dance sometimes…

Haa…. How boring….


They’ve brought people!… And now what the heck are they trying?


Quite the time has passed, and it seems that they hadn’t succeeded in whatever they are doing. I heard was some ritual to wake me up, but I know shit about this…

And let’s see, let’s see…

Hey, that kid it’s quite injuired, isn’t he? Well, he’s going to die either wa-… Wha?

Why’s his body becoming ashes after being killed?

I can feel his presence! He’s in my [Throne Room]! How did he got there?

I-I think I saw something similar…

I remember, when I landed, I had bits of my conscience… And saw that the [Raubtier] had his hand pretty damaged, so he cut his arm from the elbow and it became ashes….

This… This kid…

He’s interesting!

I’m interested in him!

Who is he? Where does he come from?

Anyways…. Like this I’m not bored anymore!

I will have fun with this kid for a while!

[End Of Katastrophe’s POV].

-End of [Demon Empress Series]-


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